Back Why I choose Hampta Pass as my first trek?

Why I choose Hampta Pass as my first trek?

Located in the Manali region, with a gentle climb, the moderate trail to Hampta Pass offers different shades of beauty. Trekking in Himachal is always adventurous, challenging, fun and is very popular as it makes you feel as if you’re walking in a real magical land with a continuously varying weather. The panoramic view, alpine flowers, enchanting lakes and snowy views make your experience truly exquisite.
The Hampta Pass climbing gives a unique experience of adventure with a trail passing down the snowy bed. It is an easy trek with serenity that offers perfect trekking experience of breath taking views in nature’s lap. The blue poppies of Himalayan ranges cover the beginning from rocky crannies.

A great nation of adventure for starters:

Beginning with Manali, a picturesque hill station, it’s a short trek of 5 days with hilly terrain that lets the starters experience first steps of mountaineering. It covers distinctive areas of trekking and is considered as an attractive trail comprising flowers of vibrant colours, rich flora and charming views that makes trekkers feel free from mundane every day life.

Nature as the best friend:

It is a pristine trekking spot that is ideal not only for trekking lovers but also for travel enthusiasts. While trekking, Mother Nature welcomes with open arms and becomes your best friend by offering inimitable views like hanging clouds with changing colors, small water streams and thick coniferous vegetation that make trekkers fall
in love with the region.
The day ends by making fun, lighting a bonfire or playing games like volleyball. The majestic view of snow capped mountains keeps you busy during Hampta Pass Trekking.

An ultimate place for capturing memories:

Many picturesque moments can be experienced by passing down the stream for an amazing view of the colorful tents at the foothills of mighty Himalayas that create a lively environment. The beautiful vistas bring an opportunity to cover the memories by capturing them and preparing a bundle of memoirs.

The native touch

The cheerful locals make the trekking even more enjoyable and enlightening by sharing many interesting stories and introducing you to their culture.
The Treks in Himachal are really enjoyable and invite novice trekkers to choose Hampta Pass as their first trek. If you haven’t discovered it yet then step out now and plan your trek with your friends or family soon.