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Mandatory Documents to Bring on A Trek


Trekking in the Himalayas is mostly a hassle-free affair as all the permits and permissions are usually derived by our team. However, you have to bring some essential documents with you that are a must for any Himalayan Trek.

Please carry the following documents and hand them over to the trek leader at the base camp.

  • Medical Disclaimer filled and signed by a certified doctor (MBBS).Click here to download the Medical Disclaimer.
  • Original and printed copies of ID and address proof (Aadhar/Voter ID/Driving License)
  • 2 Passport-size photographs.

Note: If you fail to provide these documents or if we find any discrepancies in the documents provided regarding their correctness, we reserve the right to terminate your trek with immediate action and in this case, the refund will be according to the cancellation policy. Make sure to have these documents ready at the time of trekking.

Please read our article on Medical awareness (Click Here) before going for a trek.

⏩ There are many trekking locations that do not deny access until you get the permits and for us to derive those permits it is crucial to provide identifications of the individuals who are accessing the zone. Failure to get a permit will prohibit you from proceeding ahead on your trek. Photo IDS are used for identification and verification purpose and therefore, are a mandatory requirement.

⏩ It is very important to get a medical check-up done before you go on a trek. You need to have the medical form signed by an MBBS doctor or else you will not be allowed on the trek. People suffering from chronic health problems like asthma, heart conditions, blood pressure problems, diabetes, bronchitis, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on the trek.

⏩ The participant should fill in proper relevant details with correct information in the disclaimer form after getting checked by a doctor. Signed permission from a certified physician (MBBS) is a must for the trek. Additionally, Additionally, if suffering from any allergies or ailments, please bring your prescribed medications to prevent any complications on the trek.

⏩ We assume all the medical and fitness documents provided to us by you are correct and we will hold you solely responsible to provide the correct information. It is your responsibility to mention if there is any medical condition or mental & physical condition that may affect your fitness to complete the trek with us.

⏩ We consider it your responsibility to maintain integrity and transparency and provide us with the correct fitness information for your safety and security.