Medical & Disclaimer Form (Mandatory Documents)

Medical Disclaimer Form, Self Attestation Form, and the Parental Consent Form (If below then 18yrs) are must-have documents on the trek. We legally require the individuals to fill out these forms and submit them to us at the time of the trek. Failing to do so may result in the cancellation of your trip. Please read the below-mentioned information carefully.

  1. The Download Link To All The Forms Are Attached Here. Please download the necessary forms after reading through the information.
  2. If you fail to provide these documents or if we find any discrepancies in the documents provided regarding their correctness, we reserve the right to terminate your trek with immediate action and in this case cancelation will be according to the cancellation policy. Make sure to have these documents ready at the time of trekking.
  3. Please read our article on Medical awareness Click Here and Important documents Click Here

Medical Disclaimer Form

Himalayan Treks take place in some of the remotest and less developed regions, which means that access to medical facilities may not be immediately available, and the evacuation too may not be as quick as expected. So, in case of injury, illness, or unusual signs of AMS, the evacuation will be slow as the treks take place at high altitudes and hazardous terrains. Poor health greatly increases the chances of high altitude sicknesses and other trek-related injuries, which is why TTH requires all the trekkers to be examined by a licensed physician, and certified healthy for the trek.

Additionally, if suffering from any allergies or ailments, please bring your prescribed medications to prevent any serious health complications like severe headache, hypothermia, dehydration, cough, or a heatstroke. Participants suffering from asthma, blood pressure issues, heart conditions, diabetes, or any chronic disease that can be a deterrent on the trek cannot be reconciled on the trek.

Medical-Form-To-be-completed-by-physician Download

Self Attestation Form – For People Above 18 Years

Trekking in the remote Himalayan region comes with all types of risks and responsibilities and we expect our trekkers to be aware of the same. TTH requires all the participants above 18 years of age to sign the self-attestation document. It is a declaration that you are voluntarily taking part in the trek and understanding the risks and dangers involved. This is a legal requirement of the company for all kinds of adventure activities and is mandatory for all.

Self-Declaration-To-be-completed-by-Participant Download

Parental Consent Form – For People Under 18 Years

This form is to be filled out by the parents of the participants who are below 18 years of age. Although we take all the necessary measures to maintain safety during trekking certain risks like weather conditions, natural calamities, rockfalls, falling, etc cannot be ruled out completely. The parental consent form is a mandatory requirement so that we understand that parents are aware of the risks involved in the mountain wilderness and are voluntarily agreeing to the kid going on a trek with TTH.

Self-Declaration-To-be-completed-by-Participant Download

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