Back 8 Reasons why your teenage kid will love Har ki Doon

8 Reasons why your teenage kid will love Har ki Doon

Having a difficult time convincing your teenage kid to try trekking? Worry not, here’re a few points why your overenthusiastic son/daughter will love being in the hills.

1- Har ki Doon

Valley also known as Valley of Gods, is a U-shaped beautiful valley of western Himalaya, which lies in the middle of Fateh Parbat. If teenagers and school children are looking for an adventure activity like Trekking in Uttarakhand, then Har ki Doon trek is a perfect thing to opt for. As it will introduce them to the Himalayas and satiate their thirst for adventure.

2- Easy Trek:

There are just a few steep climbs which will let the trekkers enjoy the trekking along with picturesque sceneries a little more. The trail of Har Ki Doon is quite clear & well defined. The low altitude trek of 11667 ft. is aided with cemented and wooden bridges at various spots which will make teenage trekkers walk with ease.

Har Ki Dun Trek

3- Camping:

It is a safe option for the teenagers who love outdoor camping, as there are many huge camping grounds on the route which will let the trekkers relax and enjoy the magnificent sights of Himalayan region.

4- Views of taller peaks:

The trail offers terrific views of high peaks of up to 5000 to 6000 mtrs. such as Fateh Parvat, Swaragrohini,  Kalanag and Bandarpoonch ranges at such a low altitude.

5- Variety of flora & fauna:

Har ki Doon Valley comes in between Govind National Park which will provide trekkers with close views of wildlife. Varied range of fauna like, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Snow Cock, Golden Eagle, Koklas Pheasant, Bearded Vulture, Parakeets, and range of flora like Blue Poppy, Orchids, Lilies, Primulas, Potentillas and Anemonies can be seen here which will thrill the teenagers.

6- Village Life:

Teenage trekkers will love to explore the rural lives of village tribes in Osla, Sankri, Taluka & Gangad Village which are also the places to camp and rest. These villages have distinct cultures which are quite surprising to a teenager.

Har Ki Dun Trek

7- Greenery:

Trekkers who love greenery will definitely enjoy the lush green landscapes which they come across while going from Taluka to Seema. The Supin river which flows through the entire trek adds to the beauty of the landscapes.

8- Unique Village, Osla:

The village is another highlight with red coloured field of Ramadana. The trekkers will learn about the local people who are called ‘Parwati’, how & why they worship Duryodhan and a sheep named ‘Gokhu’.

The teenagers will cherish the trekking experience forever and it will help them transform into confident and capable young men and women.

Written By:-
Pratibha Bapat