Back Why choose Trek The Himalayas (TTH) for the best trekking experience?

Why choose Trek The Himalayas (TTH) for the best trekking experience?

A hike in a lifetime can change your life. The Himalayas have the power to grow your soul. Your entire existence falls into perceptive once you touch the mountains. But going on this spiritual journey is not as easy as it seems. The first hurdle is deciding whom to go with? With so many hiking organizations in the market, it is hard to find that perfect hiking solutions partner.  

In the age of Google where the answer to every question is guaranteed, every piece of information on it is questionable. Many flamboyant counterfeits are coming up every year using the internet to claim that they provide adventures like nobody. Whether it is Google or not we have always been able to stand out between them because of our trekkers and their flooding appreciations. However, we feel the need to guide you all back to why we are the most reliable in what we do.

You can rest assured that you will have a phenomenal hiking experience with us. 

You may ask, why choose us? Because you are the best and you deserve the best. And we know for sure that we can give you your life’s best hiking experience.

We are an established company you can trust 

We have been in the hiking business for nearly 12 years and we have been promoting safe treks since then. Our decade-long journey shows that we provide incredible treks in the Himalayas with all the safety standards. We have always given importance to the smallest details and have made sure that your treks are successful. Whether you want a weekend trek, 10 days trek, or a peak climbing expedition we pursue your happiness and make it a reality. 

We are experienced

It goes without saying that with a decade of existence in the adventure field, our founders and team members are highly skilled and qualified. Our founders Rakesh Pant and Sandeep Rawat have over 20 years of mountain guiding experience with many 6000 and 7000 meters peaks scaled by them. They have guided over 200 Himalayan hikes, summited Stok Kangri numerous times, and explored tonnes of trails. The same goes for our Trek Leaders, Base Camp Managers, and even cooks for that matter.  

Many of our team members are born and raised in high-altitude remote villages. They are familiar with the terrain and are by default built for leading treks. We did not just stop here, we made sure they completed Basic and Advanced Mountaineering courses to sharpen their skills. They have applied the expertise they gained over the last decade to work with the local authorities to carry out rescue operations. 

Our team members identify themselves with all of you – we constantly strive to make every hike outstanding. We know exactly what it takes to make your visit to the Himalayas a success.

The big organisations trust us

It may not be a surprise, being an adventure travel company in India we are a member of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) and afflicted with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). We are also an ISO ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. We are recognized by Uttarakhand Tourism as the Best Adventure Tour Operator (PHD Samman Award) two years in a row from 2019. 

What makes us stand out from other recognised businesses is that the big government organizations have faith in us. Amongst them are Indian Air Force (IAF), BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), ONGC, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) and the IITs. As you may know, government authorities do not venture on such outdoor trips unless the company is verified and follows all the protocols.

All these great institutions coming year after year, increase our credibility as India’s leading adventure service provider. 

We know the hiking world 

Being in the field for more than 10 years has taken us closer to the mountains. India shares the prominent part of the largest mountain range on Earth. We are aiming to inculcate it all. We have been developing trails in all of the Himalayan states like Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim. Our connections with the rivers, valleys, meadows, and snow peaks are deep and solid. Over the years, we have supported the natives and believed in them. We have culminated significant relationships with locals guides, lodges, transport providers and everybody.

We have ourselves traveled on foot to the highest and the remotest area to make the Himalayan escapades valuable. Be it winters, monsoon, summer, or autumn we have studied the high-altitudes and witnessed it all. As we said, we are born in these ranges. We know this world for real!

We are not a company, we are your friend

We understand how much a trek means to you. Being a trekker with a full-time job takes a toll on you. It requires planning months ahead, bargaining for leaves, managing spouses and parents. Therefore, a hike is more than a trip. It is an accomplishment of self-worth. You will see a friend in us that you can trust.

Our treks are your treks

You may want to tread through the altitudes either solo, in groups or with family. We have plenty of options that will help as per your comfort. 

Solo trekkers: These days we get many queries where trekkers want to learn about their limits. They want to travel alone. You can join our fixed batches and enjoy discovering yourself. 

Treks with family, kids and friends: On the contrary, you can relish every moment with your loved ones by registering all together as one whole unit. 

Custom treks: Time is the key today and we understand you may not be able to adjust as per our schedule. No worries, we have tailor-made treks for you where you pick your dates, your trek and your people. 

We are with you always

Once you have decided you want to be in the mountains. Our part begins. Our Trek Coordinator is at your service to answer your queries. Right from picking a trek as per your requirements, buying things needed for your trip, helping you prepare physically and mentally for the tough climb, throughout the hike and even after you have reached home, we will be shadowing you. 

We have an abundance of educational articles that will increase your knowledge. You can subscribe to our newsletters to learn even after you completed a trek with us. Basically, we are always there for you.

We give chances to save money

Life’s a struggle to earn money and then save it. Whatever our desires could be we always try to shrink its price. There is a different kind of happiness when we get something with less money. Again we realize that, so we offer you chances to save money through exciting discounts and offers. Frequently, we grant trek vouchers as a contest prize or loyalty discounts. 

We provide a platform to show your creativity 

With Instagram and Youtube, each individual can be an artist. There is no need for fancy certificates to show your talent. If you have it then trek with us. We run monthly contests for photographers, videographers and writers where you can reveal your hidden creativity. With our immense following, you will get visibility and engagement to build your own brand.

We think of the smallest thing 

Being above 10,000 feet can be daunting at times. We, therefore, micro-manage tiny details so that you don’t have to go through the torment of survival at low-pressure and low oxygen regions. To name a few, 

We wash the utensils, your plates, spoons and bowls. Unlike many other companies, we don’t ask our trekkers to carry their tiffin boxes and wash them. We know that trekkers come from the cities and they are not used to the freezing water. There is no point in making them struggle when our experienced team can manage it well.  

2-man tents: There is a lot of controversy surrounding 3-man vs 2-man tents. Based on our past learnings we have concluded that 2-man tents are optimal. They provide more room for your backpacks, good circulation of oxygen and breathing condensation is less inside the tent. Read more details here.

We celebrate your special moments

As your partner in adventure, we will never forget your birthdays or anniversaries. Not only that, we revel in your victory of reaching the top. Our chefs prepare delicious cakes at your momentous times. We have been lucky enough to assist enthusiasts to manifest romantic proposals for their partners just like coming out of a fairy tale. 

We never fail to surprise you 

Being a faithful service provider, we may amaze you every time. You might be a beginner or an experienced trekker, we assure you that your every trip with us will be extraordinary. One of our consistent winners of excellent feedback is our food. We feel proud in saying that we are ‘Annapurna’ for treks. We make sure our exquisite delicacies are not repeated and they are prepared as per your request. You want it spicy, Jain or North Indian style, our cooks know it all. 

After food, the next thing we do to keep you healthy is Yoga and Stretching. After every hectic day, we carry out small stretching routines. Early in the morning, we do Breathing and Yoga for your body relaxation. 

We also do regular acclimatization walks, storytelling nights, singing competitions, group games etc. so that you enjoy with other like-minded enthusiasts. 

We are friends with the locals

Running one trek requires the force of an army behind it. So, our prime reason to start a hiking company was to provide jobs in the mountain field. Living up to that word we make sure the locals get enough work from us. We partner with locals for transport, accommodation, technical support, medical assistance so the villages develop as this adventure sport advances. 

We are a believer that our nation will grow if our villages are developed. Apart from financial freedom another thing that will evolve the villagers is literacy. We conduct mountain safety training programs and First Aid courses for them. There have been several instances where the locals have saved lives by using the First Aid methods while the patient is getting hospital care. Along with the locals we also carry out high altitude rescue operations which make them recognised in the media. 

Collaborating with various local groups we have executed mountain cleanliness drives, donation events and rescue operations. 

You can be-friend locals too:  During our treks, we get gracious trekkers who bring goodies for kids and sometimes offer monetary help to the villagers. We offer our trekkers an opportunity to bond with them and get to know them. On Children’s Day especially, we donate a huge collection of study material to schools of the base villages

We’ll take care of it all

We are one for all. You tell us your next summit goal and we shall make it happen. 

You just have to pay once while you register and there will be no additional charges before or during the hike. We shall arrange your transport from the pickup point to the drop location. We will not let you go through the burden of booking vehicles to the base camp or even getting the permits. We will do it all for you. 

To elevate your stress, we have prepared a specific fitness regime that you can follow. Our Sales Coordinator will guide you through things to carry (where to get the gear, which brand). If you don’t want to spend on the equipment you can rent it from us.  

We are not just a hiking company

We love trekking and we love nature. To continue to keep doing what we do and save Earth, we promote eco-friendly practices. Providing garbage bags, separating wet and dry wastes, minimizing the garbage, cleaning the trails, dumping the waste packs directly at the municipality and educating our trekkers, has made us an eco-trekking organisation. 

We are building the hiking community by promoting Himalayan treks. Introducing challenging and intriguing hikes, opening winter treks, peak expeditions and keeping the craze high by offering loyalty, students, medical and group discounts. We also run monthly contests so that the wanderers keep coming back. 

Promoting adventures sports: Not just trekking we have gained knowledge of mountaineering and other adventure activities namely rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking etc. We help our trekkers relish other activities to encourage outdoor sports. 

We can make your hiking dreams come true

It is our dream to make your dreams come true. We are thriving hard to flourish your vigour and boost your confidence. Hike with head held high with us as we take you to the zenith of a mountain. Every year we open new enticing trails of various difficulty levels to keep you all excited. 

In 2021 we have paved the path towards religious treks through Char Dham and Panch Kedar Yatra. We are about to extend the horizon – we are going International. Yes, we shall now offer Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus to quench your thirst for tempting peaks. The sky’s the limit for your dreams and we are getting ready to reach the sky.

We don’t say it our trekkers say it

In the last decade, we have had the pleasure of serving lakhs of trekkers coming from every part of the world. Some still come with us, some have brought their families, some introduced their colleagues and some joined with friends. We are a survivor of the globalization and industrial revolution because of our sincere customer base. “Excellent, delicious food”, “Can’t wait to go back to the mountains with TTH”, “TTH team is awesome, I climbed Stok Kangri because of them”, “My kids had a lot of fun with the TTH team” are some of the phrases used by our admirers.

So, if you’re looking for more than a hiking company in India but a companion who will add value to every minute you spend in nature, choose Trek the Himalayas!