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Top Weekend Treks in Uttarakhand


Tired of finding yourself among urban vacationers at posh and populated tourist spots every other weekend? Plan the next one off the common map for a different taste of holidaying. Just a few hour drive from around the capital city can take you closer to a number of interesting trek routes promising breathtaking mountain vistas and unlimited action!

Here are three treks handpicked for Delhi dwellers:

Nag Tibba Trek

Himalayas View from Nagtibba

The highest peak of the Nag Tibba range of mountains, this peak is 9, 915 ft tall, offering a fair test of endurance and matchless scenic vista of the hilly surroundings. The trek is perfectly time-effective if you arrange your trip from Delhi to Dehradun by an interstate bus, reaching village Pantwari via Mussouri from there early in the morning and starting off the trek from thereon.

Spanning over only two days, this trek is full of wintry delights with vast snow slopes to cross during the colder months. There are pathways passing through thickets of oak and deodar and chances are you would catch fleeting glimpses of barking deer in the cool green shadow of the forest!

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Binsar Trek

 Beautiful Nature View of Binsar trek

The Binsar Trek invites mountain lovers to take a dip into the forests of Kumaon over just 2 days. In a rich spread of pine and deodar, imagine silvery streams swishing by. While barking deer and sambhar are common in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, with some luck, you can find black bears and leopards too!

On reaching Binsar by a 7 hour drive from Kathgodam, the trip will extend from the forests to the temple of Jageshwar. The second day will continue with a spectacular view of snow capped peaks accosting the trekkers from time to time.

On day 4, reaching Jageshwar, it’s a whole different flavor of the mountains. This remarkable shrine dates as far back as 13th century AD. The deep meditative ambience of Jageshwar embalms tired souls.

Chopta Chandrashila Deorital Trek

Chandrashila Tal at Chopta Trek

Chopta trek to sign up for when you have longer weekends in the offing.

Crossing the gorgeous blend of emerald greens in the Panch Prayag river confluences of Devbhumi on the way from Haridwar, you will reach Sari, the base camp of this trek.

From Sari, it’s a fiesta of yawning green meadows, murmuring waterfalls, and gorges deep and dark. A panorama of sparkling snow peaks rise one by one as trekkers make their way towards Deoriatal. The lake reflects the snows, having two worlds meet in its pure waters. Here, the animals come to drink. Close by, the rivers Alakananda and Ganga line the trail, leading on to the second camping point, passing through Rohini Bugyal and Chopta village. Further on, cutting through luxuriant greens, trekkers ascend to Tunganath—renowned as the highest site of Lord Shiva and one of the Panch Kedar temples. From this point, you will find the summit of Chandrashila beckoning at 4130 m, with a spectacular view of snow capped peaks of Garhwal Himalayas shinning at a distance. On day 6, you will be bidding farewell to the magical land, driving off from Chopta directly to Haridwar.

Overall, it’s a trek full of varying terrains, beautiful lake-side camping, a treasure of flora and fauna, mesmerizing mountain views, and a peek into the temples of Uttarakhand.

This year is fast spinning towards an end; mark your calendar with our weekend treks today!


Ahana Chaudhuri

(Official Writer and Explorer with TTH)


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