Back Two Best Ridge Treks In The Himalayas!

Two Best Ridge Treks In The Himalayas!

Two Best Ridge Treks with Trek The Himalayas

One look at the mountains and one realizes the true depth they can go within themselves. It’s almost a poetic bliss that one feels when surrounded by the majestic peaks. The mountains are so inspirational and awe-inspiring. I remember the first time I was in the Himalayas. I was completely overjoyed with the onrush of scenery! It was as if I was thrown into a different world and everything just seemed surreal! What my eyes witnessed in those moments was simply indescribable!

There is no doubt that the Himalayas are one of the most striking natural beauties and when you are surrounded by the mighty peaks it is quite natural to feel awestruck. The sheer joy of witnessing a beautiful view at the end of a rigorous climb is something every trekker would understand. Once you reach the top, all the fatigue and the distress go away immediately and once you set your eyes on the galvanizing mountains towering around you. It is a surreal feeling!

I think ridge walks are the best way to appreciate the beauty of the Himalayas. When you walk on a ridge, you are surrounded by mountains on all sides. Imagine ascending into the Himalayas gradually and a 360-degree mountain panorama encircles you, does it not sound exhilarating? When you are walking on a Himalayan trekking trail many a time it will feel like the time around has frozen, you are just stunned perceiving all that beauty.

To give you the best of Himalayan views, we have brought two of the most amazing ridge treks in the Himalayas – Phulara Ridge and Khopra Ridge Trek. Each trek has a unique beauty of its own and takes you up close to the grand presence of the Himalayan Ranges!

What Is A Ridge Walk

Before I get into what the two amazing trails have to offer, I would like to discuss a bit about what a ridge walk is. Ridge walks are special trekking routes that are exposed on both sides and offer an incomparable view of the mountains! Ridge treks are extremely attractive and one can enjoy spectacular views along the route which can otherwise only be relished from the summit. This is why ridge treks make for such a special mountain experience!

Take a look at the two best Himalayan Ridge Treks.

Phulara ridge Trek

Region: Uttarakhand

Grade: Easy To Moderate

Max Altitude: 12,150 ft

Duration: 6 Days

Trek Distance: 30 km

Starting from the Himalayan village of Sankri, Phulara Ridge is a lovely trek that so many people miss out on. While Kedarkantha, Bali Pass etc are the favoured choice for the trek yet lying close to them is this gem of a trekking trail that is so often overlooked!

While this trek is not where the crowd goes but this shouldn’t be a reason to hold you back! Phulara Ridge is a one-of-a-kind trek and let me tell you all the reasons why.

The Ridge walk

You may think why I am continuously talking so highly of a ridge walk, but do not worry there’s a good reason for it. The geographical feature of a ridge is such that it is a continuous path from one mountain to another while you always remain on top.

On this trek, you walk on the ridge that connects the Kedarkantha summit to the mountain range behind Taluka village. On your right, you can see the mountains rolling all the way to Yamunotri and on the left, the beautiful valley stretching from Sankri to Har Ki Dun.

The ridge moves up and down and to make you understand it’s a speciality I will tell you this, the walk feels like one beautiful stroll on the summit for several hours. How often is it that on a trek you get incredible summit views for such a long time? As you walk on the ridge, the feeling of being on top of the world stays with you along the way. It just feels like the mountains are walking along with you. Doesn’t this sound incredible?

The Lovely Pushtara Meadows

Once you descend from the ridge, you immediately land on the Pushtara Meadows. The grandeur of the Pushtara Meadows will mesmerize you completely. The grassy knolls roll for acres and acres in folds of velvety green carpets! You would just feel like lying down in the vibrant green meadows and absorbing the sublimity of nature!

The Walk Through An Enigmatic Forest

The forest on the Phulara Ridge trek is incredibly dense and gives you a sense of mystery and enigma. It is so dense that there is almost no light in the forest, every once in a while you will see beams of light filtering through the gaps in the tree. The forest patch is also very secluded and you might just be the only ones on the trail.

While this is a secluded patch on the trail, it is also the part where you can connect with nature immensely. The chirping and whistling of birds, and insects and the rustling of leaves are immensely magnified due to the silence of the patch. The entire forest is lined with Oak, Rhododendrons, Maples, and Silver Birches. Forest walks in the Himalayas are always rewarding and Phualara Ridge Trek offers one of the best! The forest patch also happens to be one of the best spots for bird watching. If you are lucky you may spot Himalayan Monals, Himalayan Whistling Thrushes, Woodpeckers, and Barbets!

You can visit our website to know more about the Phulara Ridge Trek

Khopra Ridge Trek

Region: Nepal

Grade: Moderate

Max Altitude: 15,650 ft

Duration: 9 Days

Trek Distance: 50 km

This is yet another offbeat trail and one of our recently opened trails. Khopra Ridge is full of surprises and grand mountain views. As a ridge walk, it does not fail you when it comes to offering panoramic vistas!

Trekking in Nepal is synonymous with big treks like Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp but little do many people know that there is an amazing offbeat trail waiting right around the corner!

I have already talked about Khopra Ridge in previous newsletters so you already have an idea of what you can expect at the trek. In case, you missed it let me tell you what is the speciality of the Khopra Ridge Trek

The Great Mountain Views

The mountain views from Khopra Ridge are unlike any and I am not exaggerating! The ridge offers views of not just one but 22 mountain peaks, and two of them are among the 14 tallest mountains in the world – Mt. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna I! The Annapurna Massif seems just a stone’s throw away from the ridge and some of the other prominent peak views include Mt. Macchapucchare, Mt. Himchuli, Nilgiri North and South, and Mt. Ganga Purna. You will walk for two days on the ridge as these mountain views walk along with you!

Visit our website and learn more about the Khopra Ridge Trek.

Mesmerizing Sunrise Views

The sunrise view from the ridge is one of the key highlights of the trek. If you haven’t experienced the grandeur of the Himalayan sunset now is your time! When you witness the sun rising over the snow-clad Himalayan peaks casting them in a red alpenglow, it is a sight that will stay with you forever!

Ridge treks are great fun and absolutely delightful when it comes to appreciating the views. It is definitely worth giving a try!

If you’re someone who would enjoy such a trekking experience then just go ahead and plan your tour.

Let’s head into the mountains and experience the adventure of a lifetime!