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To rent or not to rent

Before venturing into the mountains one must be prepared for a safe and comfortable hike. All of that is possible only when the good gear is used. Small errors or defects in them make cause a big inconvenience in the mountains. With the increasing craze of trekking, there is a widespread demand for trekking gear and clothing.

You might have witnessed that there are hundreds of stores and brands offering all kinds of trekking gear, all with promises. How much can we rely on them? Additionally, high-quality stuff comes at high prices. Should we really invest that much? With many such questions, buying trekking gear is a big problem even before trekking begins. We believe, renting is quite a solution.

1. Over-choice
With so many old brands and new brands offering all the materials, it is a difficult task to pick one. More than that it makes life even harder. All of them offer items at a wide price range, of various quality and so many options. Even when it comes to picking a trekking shoe, despite knowing our size, the type of soul we always have a tough time picking a good shoe. It is overwhelming, especially to a new trekker. You might wonder Google would make it easy. Despite a lot of guidance, what to buy and what not to, is a trivial question!

2. Overprice
Eventually, when you make a choice of what to buy, the prices of the products make life difficult again. By human nature, we always want to get the best and the cheapest. Even a penny makes us not want to pay.

Obviously the more the quality the more the price. For every purchase we always wonder, is the item really worth it? Whether to pay or not to pay, is another trivial question!

3. Over-use
Our ancestors especially our Dads always say, “buy only what you need”. Knowing that we also know that investment in high-quality items is always the best. Be it good real estate or a down jacket.
But there is no need for the item the wise thing is to never buy it. Even if it promises lifetime good quality.

It is quite understandable if a trek leader invests in 10K+ hiking shoes because they definitely need and will use them accordingly, making it worth its price. But, if you trek for only 1-2 times a year or two? Do you should really invest in high-quality gear? So, whether to ignore our Dad’s advice or not, is another trivial question!

If answers to all the above questions are NO.  And yet, you wish to trek with mind-blowing experience, renting is the only solution. At TTH we rent all the necessary gear including hiking shoes and jackets. We have all the good quality gear of trusted brands for which you needn’t pay much, use only once, and it will be totally worth it!

Now, whether to rent or not to rent is no more a trivial question.

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Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer