Back The 70MM Story of 7 Lakes- Kashmir Great Trek

The 70MM Story of 7 Lakes- Kashmir Great Trek

I had never thought in my entire life that I would ever pen down any of my experiences as I am the laziest person alive on this planet. But the beauty of this trip forced me to share the most beautiful experience of life with everyone. The only reason behind mine sharing my experience with you all is that now I really want more and more people get to experience the real beauty of nature.


Everyone must be thinking about what real beauty I am actually talking about? Well, I am talking about something which I can bet over that since childhood each and every one of you must have heard and studied thousands of times but at the same time I can also bet that not more than ten percent of you would have gone there due to security reasons. Yes now you got it right…Here I am talking about KASHMIR-HEAVEN ON EARTH but most particularly here I am talking about my experiences on The Kashmir Great Lake Trek.

I always wanted to visit Kashmir and also I am a big adventure lover so when I was planning for my holiday schedule, the first thing that came in my mind was that this time I would include both i.e. the beauty of Kashmir and the adventure in my single holiday plan. The Kashmir Great Lake Trek was the only place where both my needs would have been satisfied. I just registered with Trek The Himalayas for trekking to  The Kashmir Great Lake Trek. The main reason behind to choose this place was that I wanted my whole journey of 7 days to be beautiful and I wanted to have all new experiences each day.


I packed my bag with all the necessities that would be required in the trek and flied to Srinagar. The trek started from Sonamarg. Entrapping into the seductive scenes of Ganderbal and Kangan lakes, we trekked through the lushing meadows of Shok Dharan and tackled the steep climb to the Nichnai Bar. The no hindrance views of the Baltoro Glacier proved to be a treat after a tiring ascent.

Followed the much awaited scenic views of the Great Lakes kashmir. I was dearly impressed by the myriad hues that the lakes presented to its viewer. It looked as if the lakes were looking down upon us and endorsing its beauty in every passer-by. I drowned in their volume, was swayed away by their charm and was completely brain washed by their heavenly beauty. I had seen the pics on the internet and also read the experience of other fellas, but a venture on my own part was completely different and unique.

kashmir-great-lake-trek 3

I snatched some awesome clicks to boast of my enriching trek and to keep turning the leaves of my memoir book to keep myself reminded of this journey and also to pass it down to others and to encourage them to take up some adventure to a real place. I am keeping the most moist imprints amongst my memories- The Great Lakes of Kashmir.


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