Back Rebirth of a Forgotten Trek – Pindari Glacier trek

Rebirth of a Forgotten Trek – Pindari Glacier trek


With great excitement we opened our new trails for 2019, today we shall introduce one of them, our beloved trek, Pindari Glacier trek. One of the forgotten heroes, it is truly a charm of Himalayas. With time this trek lost his significance. We as trekkers and explorers always strive to walk into the unknown. We always strive to quench your thirst for this unknown. Therefore, we are welcoming you to walk on this less travelled trail.

Being one of the easily accessible glaciers it is like a journey of exploration. It does not bar anyone from meandering on its track, it does not ask for experience or age. Suitable for beginner or family, this trek is a must for your next exploration jaunt. Grab your chance to add an easy glacier trek in your checklist. Not only that, there’s more…

pindari glacier trek

Forgotten marvel: Like a legend of the forgotten hero, this trek is not known amongst trekkers and sees very fewer trekkers. Therefore, you can be one of those rare hikers who truly want to live every moment, make every holiday a unique experience and breath in variant sceneries.

Be part of the Kumaoni lifestyle: Despite being less famous, you can find homestays in this typical Kumaon setup. The locals are cordial and lively. Throughout the trek, you can find tea houses, temples that will give an influential insight of the Kumaoni lifestyle.

pindari glacier trek

Amazingly carved fields around the stone built houses will give a feeling of being on a movie set. Surprisingly, the route passes through the last village, Khati.

Intermittently the path is stone paved having signboards at places. Every here and then the locals laid with heavy bamboo sticks on their back will strike your path. Until the last step of the trek, you will be greeted by sober villagers. Who welcomes you at the end is a complete climax scene,

village, Khati

Meet Babaji at the base of the glacier: Just when you are only 3kms away from Pindari glacier, you will be stunned to see an Ashram. At 12,000 feet, is a homeplace of Dharmananda Giri Baba. Right between the majestic mountains and beside the mindblowing Pindari glacier lives this nomad, Baba. Anybody would feel jealous but at the same time, one would admire him. He is a friendly Baba and would offer hot tea to you.

Glacier from the closest: Slowly slowly as one rises above the glacier comes closer and nearer. Standing at the Zero point, which is only a few kilometres distance aloof from the glacier, the Pindari river can be seen clearly sourcing out this glacier. You will be awestruck to find out that the Pindari river escorted you right to its source. The glacier is a 5km long ice block. You will be overwhelmed with mixed emotions of happiness and scariness.

Source- Wikipedia

Walk with Nanda Devi: The scary glacier lies between the gigantic Nanda Devi and Nand Khot mountains. That means you will be trekking in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary with the peak itself guiding you. Along with it, the Changuch seems only a hand’s distance away. With all the magnificent Garhwal mountains and the huge glacier in middle, the only words coming to your mind will be, “Out of the world!”

Witness unique sceneries: If you think crossing abundant lush meadows, and gushing Pindari river alongside lavish settlements is unique then you are wrong. Ahead of Phukriya, there is an array of waterfalls. Waterfall falling over a waterfall or waterfall falling into a frozen stream or waterfall between misty mountains. You can find it all. If you are lucky enough you can locate herds of Himalayan Tahr and vibrant rhododendrons blooming here and there.

Pindari glacier

By reopening this trek we expect to fulfil the desire of hikers to hike into the wild, to see the unseen and to explore the less-explored. If you want to step into the wild, then book your exploration journey now!

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde TTH
Official Content Writer