Back Pindari Glacier trek : This summer choose mountains over beaches

Pindari Glacier trek : This summer choose mountains over beaches


Won’t it be a stunning change to contemplate at flowing ice instead of flowing waves? Far away from humidity, commotion, concrete jungle get into the wilderness of cool, fresh air, crowd-free, alpine forests, and not to forget the amazing glacier. Followed by these are the mind-blowing views of Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks. Pindari glacier trek is a paradise.

Pindari glacier trek

Unlike beaches, where for that one Insta-good picture one has to be grilled in sun and sweat out of moisture, every step on the Pindari trail will be an Insta-amazing moment. So, how is this trek a true excursion?

Magnificent Nanda Devi peak

India’s second highest peak, Nanda Devi will escort you from the start at Khati village, until the end. As you move upwards the peak becomes more prominent. Once you enter the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, the most soothing sights will at your foot. Basically, it will allow feeling its calmness, unlike standing on the beach and staring at the vastness of the ocean.

Peaceful villages

Right from Nainital, Khati, Dwali to Phukriya, the quaint settlements compliment to the serenity of the surrounding. Lying amid meadows or confluence of the valley or on slopes, no village repeats its setup. These villages at every campsite will rejuvenate you for a new day.

Peaceful villages

Closer view of Pindari glacier

The suspense finally comes to an end and how! The humongous creation of the nature will manifest a unique beauty. You can witness the scary ice-fall right in front of you. The glacier is 5×2.5 km big; you can imagine its vastness.

One jaunt to Pindari glacier and you will be bestowed with all the features that satisfy the summer expectations. So, forget your swimsuit and get layered to walk on the snowy ocean.