Back Make Your Monsoon Trek Fool-Proof – Learn What to Pack 

Make Your Monsoon Trek Fool-Proof – Learn What to Pack 

Are you planning to experience the monsoon magic in the Himalayas? Those enticing mountains wearing the misty cloak of clouds; the clouds slowly sweeping down the mountains onto the lush green valley and forests – these are certainly a view to be experienced in person! To be wrapped in the mystery of those clouds and walking through the verdant trails in any monsoon trek will no doubt offer memories worth a lifetime.

monsoon trek essentials

However, have you thought of the slightly unsettling moments of walking in wet clothes and shoes? But trekking in monsoon is not all about poetry and romantism; it comes with its own challenges. The mud & slush, slippery rocks, wet trails, pouring rain, all these can cause inconvenience if you are not prepared with proper clothing and trekking gears.

Here is a quick guide that will help you pack your monsoon essentials and enjoy your monsoon trek to the fullest.


  • Quick-dry t-shirts and trousers – A must have when you are on a monsoon trek. This will ensure breathability, will not arrest moisture and even if you get wet these will dry faster. Pack a few extra for the campsite. 
  • Poncho or rain-jacket & rain trousers – Poncho or alternatively wearing a pair of rain-jacket and rain trouser will ensure you are protected in the rain. 


  • Waterproof trekking boot – Waterproof high ankle trekking boots with deeper lug can help you a lot during the monsoon trek.
  • Floaters for the campsite –Taking your trekking boot off at the campsite will give your weary feet a necessary breather. Floaters will provide the necessary comfort during this time.  


monsoon trek essentials
  • Get a sturdy water-resistant rucksack which has a good, attached rain cover with it. 
  • Additionally pack all your belongings in plastic cover or beanbags before keeping them inside the backpack. This ensures your belongings will remain dry even if water sips in the rucksack.  

Other gears 

Cap –

Wearing a cap under the rain-jacket or poncho hood will protect your eyes and face from dripping rain

Trekking pole – This will help you navigate through slippery, muddy trails at ease

Mobile pouch – To protect your mobile from rain keep it in the transparent, water-resistant pouch   

Extra pair of socks – This is a must as to avoid uncomfortable situations from wet feet. Keeping extra pair of socks will always come handy during monsoon treks.

Pack these monsoon essentials mindfully and get, set, ready to enjoy your monsoon trek to the fullest.

Tried & Tested Monsoon Trek Hacks:

• If your clothes have got wet and next day it’s raining again, use the same wet clothe instead of using fresh warm ones.
• Don’t dry your shoes by the fire. The pasting of the sole may come off. Instead, dry them away from direct fire and heat.
• Don’t wear thermal while hiking. In rain thermal will get wet and get heavy causing inconvenience.
• In light rain You can use an umbrella which can double as walking pole when it is not raining or when you are using a poncho.