Back Misconceptions of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Misconceptions of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Visual memory is the long-lasting memory they say. These memories also have a great effect on our mind. That is why movies are the biggest source of entertainment and inspiration. Indian movies are going through a great deal of revolution with new concepts, true stories, etc. Yet is always influencing the audience in a somewhat bad manner. Hampta Pass trek is the best example where one can find both its good and bad effects. The good impact being Hampta Pass is one of the most popular treks. And the bad being trekkers coming to Hampta Pass with wrong guidance of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani(YJHD) movie.

We are grateful to movies like this for motivating Indian crowd to travel and explore the world. Sadly, it has also put some fallacious impressions of a typical Bollywood style. Here are some of the ideas that are good only on-screen and not even practical in the real mountains.

  • Last moment bouncing on the trek is adventurous

As Naina makes an impulsive decision to join her friend for the hiking trip to Manali seems daring and adventurous, that too without informing parents, many of you believe in that. Well, it’s not. The Himalayan trek is nowhere like a normal jaunt. It requires carrying proper gear and physical fitness. If either of it goes wrong, your trek will be not even close to what is shown in the movie. Especially comes to proper shoes. Also, and we are how last moment flight booking or train reservations are expensive in real life.

How is being stressful and tired throughout the trek, being adventurous? Isn’t it ruining the adventure?

  • Trekking is fun only with friends not family

With friends, we are ready to go to hell also. And trekking is a minor version of it! Jokes apart, life is amazing with friends. But we have seen cases where the trekkers are so oblivious that they don’t even know which trek they are on because one of their friends planned everything. Right when the physical strain begins they realize what really is an adventure. Then they start fighting and complaining. Trekking is, of course, a group activity and friends make it much easier. It helps only if all of you are aware, prepared and trust each other.

Another thing is we just want to spend fun time with friends, we ignore our family. We get so many calls from parents worrying about their kids only because they left without informing where they would be or won’t be in network for days. We understand sometimes convincing parents is difficult. May be going on a trek with them will clear their doubts. Trust us, we have seen several families coming to the mountains. They enjoy the most and go back with even stronger relationships. Kids learn more, parents discover something new, siblings care more, children respect more. So, if going for a trek with friends is enthralling so is going with family.

  • Fancy bags, fancy clothes is a cool fashion statement 

Thanks to the adventurous and travel movies that the craze of hiking started in India. That also means people are becoming more aware of what preparation is required before commencing with a trek. On the other hand, this has also attracted a crowd that only want to Socialize on Social Networking sites. We see trolley bags and handbags instead of backpacks. And clothing like jeans, shorts, not using a jacket or woolen cap to cover in cold, not using polarized UV protection sunglasses but stylish shades. Well, looking all pretty and cool for pictures is important. They are the memories for the rest of life. But taking care of your self in harsh conditions is necessary too.

One should not forget to behave and act as you belong there. Once you do that you will be welcomed by everything of that place. And the typical trekker attire is the true fashion quotient of trekking. So, instead of following the fancy of the cities follow the fancy of the mountains!

  • ‘Lugdi’ (alcohol) is an energy booster 

It looks fascinating how Bunny and Naina have Lugdi and they become fearless. No wonder why trekkers are curious about this local drink. I do not blame this scene only, but in general, there is a wrong misconception that booze and smoke will fade your problems. One drink and you become strong. Well, it may be a booster at home but definitely not in the mountains.

Despite warnings, we find trekkers requesting to drink or smoke. Let me narrate this funny incident of Hampta Pass. The TL gave a clear briefing that nobody is allowed to carry alcohol to the treks. All the trekkers agreed with clear conscious. Then we loaded the trekking bags on the vehicle and began moving towards Chika. Thanks to the zig-zag bumpy roads at one bend suddenly a bottle of Old Monk fell on the car bonnet. To that trekker’s utter dismay his secret was revealed by the mountains itself. As we all laughed and the trekker was ashamed, I realized how strongly people believe in drinking. The desire to getting high is so strong that they forget drinking and smoking at high altitude is dangerous.

In the movie, everything is a fairy tale. Reality is a nightmare on the contrary. Being in the right conscious and following the rules is the key to happy trek.

  • Every mountain has Ghost stories

Ghost scare us yet we get attracted to them. We are always curious about them. It is a wrong belief that mountains are associated with ghost stories. There are interesting tales about how the mountain got its name or which God belonged where. Instead, every now and then trekkers ask local guides to narrate a horror story. Gone is the time when mountain lovers would come only for the mountains, to know more about them, study their culture, to truly inculcate them.

There is nothing wrong in self-entertainment through ghost stories. But then we find trekkers getting paranoid at night and breaking their sleep. They remain awake the whole night assuming a ghost is waiting for them. Why search for the dark when all you can find is peace and bliss?

  • No sweat, no pain, trekking is easy

What you see from far is not the truth. Unless we ourselves experience it we never understand the pain. Having said that, a little awareness and preparation are always necessary when it comes to traveling. Trekking is easy in terms that no special course is required. It is merely walking. The only difference is walking for long hours, many days, on steep slopes and under unfavorable conditions.

It looks mesmerizing, it truly calms your soul and it totally rejuvenates you but getting there it is not easy. Even for the easiest treks, basic physical training is a must. Basically, though it is a heart-filling cake, it is not a cake-walk. Definitely not with a backpack.

So, if you are planning to go on a Jawani Deewani hike first clear all these myths. Then register for a trek only if you have at least 2 months for all the preparation. Get over the spurious Bollywood claims and get enlightened by real rules to hike, to fly, to run without falling and stopping!

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer