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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir- a name that sends sheer chill waves through the nerves in any living soul only by a mere mention of its name, is an integral part of India and the northernmost state too. Kashmir is a sensuous beauty in itself. Due to this sole reason, trek to Kashmir is an exciting idea and this excitement reaches its brink when the trek is directed towards the Kashmir Great Lakes.

Trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes is basically a summer trek i.e. this trek can be fully enjoyed from June to September period of the calendar year. The elevation is around 15,000 feet and the distance covers 63 kms in approximation. Only 12,000 of Indian currency is required to stake per person as the trekking cost in this trek. And obviously such fulfilling trek does require proper fitness to meet the strenuous hike as returning from half way is surely a dear loss to oneself.

Sonamarg that lies in the Srinagar road marks the starting point of the trek. Just when goodbye is bidden to the Sonamarg town, green meadows stretch their hands in hearty welcome. And soon the maple and pine trees being lined on the either sides of the trail welcome the trekkers. The scenic surroundings indulge the eyes so much that the trekkers would remember nothing but the meditative trance of the journey.

The uphill ascent from the Sonamarg valley amidst the maple forest nestles the scenery.  Another meadow of Silver birch trees with struggling brooks and a few shepherd huts lying here and there and the snowy peaks far up in the sky marks the evergreen land of Shekdur.  On further trailing comes the Nichnai Pass further presenting a landscape rich with cascading waterfalls and far stretching meadows. And then comes the first of the Great lakes- the Vishansar Lake. It has appearance of that of a voluminous beauty protected by the giant stony guards on all the four directions. What follows is the Kishansar Lake mesmerising the elements by the calm bluish hue of the air of elegance that surrounds it. A meadow lying by its side further adds to the comfort in which this lake is armoured.

The most beautifying and eye catching sight that this trek provides is from the Gadsar Pass which is also the highest point of this trek. From here one can watch the mystic and serene aroma of hypnotisation that the gone two lakes provide together in unison visibility.

Then the trek trail starts to descend and the eye is captivated by the sight of the Yamsir Lake, a nameless lake and the Gadsar Lake- all connected by a stream. And here is the climax- the Satsar lakes (a collection of 7 lakes together). It feels like homely on seeing such a familiar view of the nature’s kiths and kin lying so nearby to each other. Further the trail presents a few lakes which arises sympathy as well as shame in a viewer’s eyes. The surrounding has been made filthy by human activities and yet the beauty of the lakes stands out evidently.

And this also marks the end of the trek. It is worth trekking to this place. If one really wants to have a lifetime adventure! Thanks Trek The Himalyas……!!!!!

Written By,
Swetali Deshpande