Back Summer Adventure Calls From Himachal!

Summer Adventure Calls From Himachal!

Our Top 5 Picks Of Himachal Treks In Summer!

Snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, gushing waterfalls, and streams, and the hospitality of the mountain people, these are the images that run through my head when I think of Himachal. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast I am sure that Himachal Pradesh has definitely caught your fancy at some point. The majestic peaks and the spell-binding landscapes make it an ideal destination for trekking.

Rupin Pass Trek

This North-Indian state attracts thousands of travellers every year. Some come to enjoy its natural beauty while some want to dive deep into an adventure. So, if you are one of those adventure-loving souls we have some of the most thrilling treks in Himachal awaiting you! Cool off this summer in these amazing treks, away from the city heat and the daily hustle. Himachal will transport you to a land of breathtaking natural beauty and fill you with its warm and gracious hospitality!

Are you ready to be transfixed by the beauty and thrill of Himachal? Here are some of the best Summer treks in Himachal!

Sar Pass Trek – A Mystical Tour Of The Mountains!

Sar Pass Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 5 Days

Grade: Easy To Moderate

Maximum Altitude: 13,800 ft

Approx. Trekking Distance: 50 kms

Sar Pass is an amazing trek that offers a huge range of diverse terrains and is the only trek that has the possibility of snow in the summer months, the best thing is that this trek is suitable for beginners as well!

Steeped in immense beauty, the trekking trail passes through verdant forests, rustic villages, lush meadows, and to a high pass with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. The trek runs through Parvati Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal. The entire trek is a captivating medley of forests, meadows, and gurgling streams. It is the ideal getaway from the monotony of city life!

Did You Know?

You will pass a very ancient village on your way to Sar pass. Starting from Kasol, the trekking trail passes through a 200-year-old village named Grahan and some houses even feature ancient architecture!

Why We Love The Sar Pass Trek?

→ Walkthrough forests and meadows.

→ Experience the lifestyle in the remote Himalayan hamlets.

→ The summit climb at 13,800 ft offers a stunning panorama of Himalayan peaks.

→ The base village Kasol, a haven for travellers and backpackers.

Buran Ghati Pass Trek – A Melange Of Nature’s Splendour!

Buran Ghati Pass Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 7 Days

Grade: Moderate to difficult

Maximum Altitude: 15,000 ft

Approx. Trekking Distance: 26 kms

Buran Ghati is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling Himalayan treks. When it comes to this trek, it is as if all the best parts of the Himalayan treks were handpicked and assimilated along the Buran Ghati trail. There’s not a single point in this trail where you will feel bored, such is the beauty of the trek.

Along the trek, you will walk through dense thickets of Oak and Pine with an abundance of flora in the summer, walk by glistening streams and lush meadows to the thrilling pass climb. The sacred Chandranahan Lake is like the cherry on top. It remains frozen almost all year round. Buran Ghati Pass Trek showcases all kinds of diverseness that a trek can offer.

Did you know?

In ancient times when there were no roads to Kinnaur, people used to walk over this pass to reach Kinnaur. Sound’s interesting isn’t it?

Why We Love Buran Ghati Pass Trek?

→ As you climb up from the village of Janglik, you get an impressive bird’s eye view of the Dayara meadows.

→ The two villages Janglik and Barua will give you interesting insights into the life and culture of the people in the remote Himalayan regions.

→ Great rappelling opportunity. Until the month of June, the Buran Pass itself becomes a wall of ice!

→ The scenic Litham campsite lies at the confluence of two valleys.

→ The dense coniferous forest covers.

→ The sacred Chandrahan Lake, a major attraction of the trek.

Kareri Lake Trek – Journey To A Freshwater Lake Amid Grasslands!

Kareri Lake Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 3 Days

Grade: Easy To Moderate

Maximum Altitude: 9650 ft

Approx. Trekking Distance: 26 km

If you are looking for a short yet exciting weekend getaway in Himachal, Kareri Lake is an incredible option for you! This lake trek takes you to a small glacial lake surrounded by verdant grasslands. The tranquil environment, the fresh air and the natural beauty of the place will fill you with peace.

The lake is encircled by velvety grasslands and the entire journey to the lake is replete with natural beauty. You will get to witness the lifestyle of the local Gaddi tribe. Located in the Dhauladhar Range, the trek will take you on a beautiful journey of the most scenic Himalayan vistas!

Did You Know?

Kareri Lake is also a great spot for birdwatching. You can spot many different avian species including the popular Blue Magpie!

Why We Love The Kareri Lake Trek?

→ The scenic beauty is immeasurable. Trek through breathtaking meadows, grasslands, forests and lakes.

→ The freshwater Kareri Lake nestled beautifully amid the rugged mountains.

→ The lush forests of Chir and Chilgoza pines.

→ Sleep under a million stars near the lake.

→ Relish the sights of the lofty Dhauladhar Range.

Bhrigu Lake Trek – A Tranquil Himalayan Sojourn!

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 4 Days

Grade: Easy

Maximum Altitude: 14,000 ft

Approximate Trekking Distance: 25 km

A trek to Bhrigu Lake is a wonderful walk through sprawling green meadows to a glacial lake. You will witness cattle and horses grazing and galloping in the meadows and the lovely scenery is framed by the majestic Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges. The lake beautifully reflects the snow-covered mountains in its waters – such a surreal sight!

Located near Manali, it is one of the most captivating short treks in Himachal. In the early summer months, the lake appears blue in colour and in the late summer, the lake turns emerald green. It’s a 4 -day trek that will soothe your senses and fill you with peace!

Did You Know?

An interesting fact about Bhrigu Lake is that it never completely freezes no matter how harsh the winter is!

Why We Love The Bhrigu Lake Trek?

→ The green and luscious textured grasslands.

→ The scenic Rola Kholi campsite with its stunning views of the Pir Panjal Range.

→ The reflection of mountains on the still blue water of the lake.

Rupin Pass Trek – A Serene Sanctuary Filled With Natural Surprises!

Rupin Pass Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 7 Days

Grade: Difficult

Maximum Altitude: 15,350 ft

Approximate Trekking Distance: 41 km

Rupin Pass Trek is not just an enthralling adventure but it is also a visual treat for all the nature lovers out there. A change of scenery welcomes you every step of the way and you are always anticipating what would come next. From astonishing waterfall views to hanging villages, snow bridges, and lush forests, your senses will be completely soothed on this trek.

All the campsites on this route are incredibly stunning, especially the one amid the waterfalls! At night you can see a sky full of millions of stars, unlike anything you see in the city. Get ready to be completely mesmerized by this spectacular natural phenomenon that is Rupin Pass Trek!

Did you know?

Rupin Pass has the best apples to offer. The apple season in Himachal starts around Sep – Oct and you will see plenty of apple farming in Jhaka village.

Why We Love The Rupin Pass Trek?

→ Rupin Valley is one of the most picturesque valleys in the Himalayas.

→ Standing at the snout of the Rupin Waterfall is one of the most wonderful experiences.

→ Villages on the way to pass are rich in culture.

→ The enchanting forest walks.

→ The dramatic landscape shift at every turn.

→ The snow bridges in the valley.

→ Last but not least, the adventurous pass crossing.

Himachal Pradesh is inarguably one of the most beautiful summer destinations for both nature and adventure lovers. The mountains and valleys are draped in lush greenery and vibrancy and a pure visual delight.

Explore and enjoy the thrills of the mountains and the striking vistas with the four best treks in Himachal

We await your presence in the mountains!!!

See you soon!!