Why Is The Pangarchulla Peak Trek Not Suggested For Winters?

Pangarchulla Peak has become a dream summit for many trekkers. Located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, the extreme cold of winters and the added challenges of knee-deep snow is the kind of thrill we strive for! Pangarchulla is known for its knife ridge, which is difficult to hike even in summers. One can only imagine how difficult it would be in the snow-covered months.

Pangarchulla offers some spellbinding views of mighty mountain peaks like Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba from its summit. Owing to the challenges and the thrill it offers, Pangarchulla is one of the most sought-after treks in the country. It is a part of many travel bucket lists. Many adventure-seekers are constantly looking for a winter expedition to Pangarchulla Summit and many organizations have even started winter batches of Pangarchulla. Despite this, we don’t run a single batch to this stunning mountain in the winter. You may ask why. Let us elucidate why Pangarchulla is not a good idea in winters.

Mechanics Of Hard Snow

This is a major reason why we hike post-March. By March, there is enough snow buildup to protect you from accidents and offer a stable ground to walk on instead of sinking. 

How Much Cold Can Your Body Bear?

If you are still confident of conquering the physical challenges of crossing snowfields, consider the mental hindrances created by harsh weather conditions. There is only so much your body can bear. Let us take a look at the conditions that make winter expeditions to Pangarchulla difficult.

Beware Of Companies Claiming Pangarchulla Peak Trek in Winters

Despite knowing about the difficulty of the winter Pangarchulla, many companies are suggesting this summit climb in deep winter. They are feeding off the adventure enthusiasts’ interest in seeking a thrill. They often suggest passing on to Kuari Pass in case the summit is not possible and this happens all the time. Trust us. 

When the outcome is Kuari Pass then why pay and hope for something that is not going to happen? 

We don’t believe in deceiving the trekkers. We have always been honest with the trekkers and aim to be so in the future. There is no point in bluffing the trekkers and disappointing them later on.

Winter is one of the fabulous times to experience the tranquility of the Himalayas. But it is only wise to spend time and money on the right excursions.  Instead of opting for a winter Pangarchulla expedition that leads to Kuari Pass eventually, you can just opt for Winter Kuari Pass directly!