Back Are you ready for the Kang Yatse challenge?

Are you ready for the Kang Yatse challenge?

Yes, that is our question to all the hardcore trekkers. Are you strong enough to complete the Kang Yatse II Peak Expedition? If you think Stok Kangri is the last challenging thing, then you are mistaken. The less popular jewel of mental and physical strength, it is difficult that any highest trekking route. It is a peak, it is a Mountaineering Expedition. Apart from that, there are enough reasons why one must be prepared for this adventure.

For all the regular trekkers who are enticed by peak climbing,

Mountaineering field is open for you after this
Kang Yatse is an opportunity for trekkers endeavouring Mountaineering. After climbing Kang Yatse, you will know yourself more. It will be clear to decide between trekking or mountaineering. You can think seriously about Mountaineering courses. If you have done the courses you will be eligible to participate in IMF sponsored expeditions. The huge Mountaineering world will be waiting for you!

Learn and trek under the expert guidance of Sandeep Rawat

Sandeep Rawat, the co-founder of TTH, is also well-known for his mountaineering skills. With an extensive experience of leading expeditions to all the difficult treks, he will be Trek Leader for our first batch of Kang Yatse. He is extremely cordial and willingly shares his knowledge. With this trek, you will get a chance to walk the talk with our Founder, learn from him and actually see how TTH works.

Other perks that come along,

One free trek
The entire route to Kang Yatse is hidden by the infinite walls of Markha Valley. Markha Valley trek is another popular trek goes through the same trail. Therefore, with Kang Yatse you get the benefit of completing 2 treks. One on one trek offer!

Valley that houses Snow Leopards
Let me tell you a secret, Markha Valley is the main house of Snow-leopard. The trek through the valley is called Snow Leopard Trek. Many of the foreign trekkers come prepared for long stays to capture that rare spectacle of the mighty snow animal. If you are lucky, you can spot it.

Walk and live the Buddhist heritage
Enclosed by the biggest Markha Valley, the trail is decored with remains of Buddhist culture. The local houses are still built as per the ancient standards, durable and warm. Mani Stones, meditation caves, white stupas, monasteries, greeting from Buddhist locals, you literally walk the talk of Ladakhi heritage.

The whole track goes through Chilling, Skiu, Markha, Nimaling, Umlung, villages. These habitats en route offer authentic Ladakhi homestays.  After hectic hikes, you get to relax in these warm houses (without heater). it is only on this trek that one gets the local cuisine, prepared by locals themselves. The villagers are so enthusiastic that happily offer different local dishes.

Witness life in a cold dessert
The valley comes under Hemis National Park which protects abundant flora and fauna.  Amongst these, magpie birds, snow leopard, mountain goats, blue sheep, etc will be seen prominently. The Markha river rushes throughout the valley that serves lifeline for all the living beings there. Keep your eyes on the river bank for the chirping birds and grazing animals.

Mountaineering techniques
All the fun sum-ups to the final section of the climb. The summit climb is filled with glacier moraines, rocks, and crevasses. These crevasses are mostly covered with snow which adds the challenge. All the climbers will be roped up and use crampons, ice axe. Therefore, you will get an insight of Mountaineering and technical climbing.

If you have envisioned it right, Kang Yatse will prove life-changing. It is an exceptional adventure. Do not waste any moment, register yourself and start your preparation now!

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer