Back A journey Kullu valley to Spitti, Hampta trek

A journey Kullu valley to Spitti, Hampta trek

Trekking is my passion and every year to rejuvenate myself; I spend few days with nature in the desolated places of high altitudes. This time I went for Hampta Pass Trekking, and now I am sharing my experience with all of you. Hampta pass situated in Himachal region is the most astonishing trekking experience of my life until now. After some research, I made all the necessary arrangements of the journey.


My trek starts with the arrival at Chika from Manali. Manali is famous as a hill station that has very delightful scenes all the way. When I reached at Bhaluka Ghera, I found that it is completely covered with snow, so, I have to place my camp after Bhaluka Ghera. Weather was playing real nice all along the way. Different varieties of flowers with their fragrance were something unforgettable. Next day with other trekkers of the group I went to Siagoru while crossing the Hampta Pass. In between the trek we crossed snow bridges. Our guide told us to cross them slowly, otherwise with a slip anyone can fall into the icy water of the river. By the time,  we reached at Hampta Pass, every member of our group was tired and exhausted, but seeing the exquisiteness of the place we all forgot our tiredness and began enjoying the beauty of the place. We click some photographs of the scenery behind and the rest for some time. Walking from Hampta Pass, we reached at Lahaul. It is an open field that was full covered with snow at all times. Walking on the soft snow on vast plain field was as you are walking on the clouds. We arrived at Siagoru, the campsite place for that day. There we had some Maggie prepared by my good friend Sonal and the hot tea refreshed us and brought our energy back. We came back to Manali after spending some joyous time with nature.


I must say that trekking in Himachal will just drive you crazy as it is the most fantastic experience one can have. Hampta Pass has so much of natural beauty that it is unfeasible to describe in words. So, next time if you are planning for trekking, visit Hampta Pass and believe me, you will remain thankful for me all through your life!!