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A Beautiful Climb – Stok Kangri Expedition

Stok Kangri is popular as the highest trekking summit in India, and that is the only reason I was fascinated towards it. As a frequent trekker, I have almost visited all the trekking destinations of India except Stok Kangri trek. So, this time I prepared myself for some tough expedition. I found Trek the Himalayas’s site very attractive and genuine so, I logged in and the Company made all the necessary arrangements for my trek.


The trail starts with a well paved path and continues as a stony stream path and finally a climb over the beautiful meadows. All along the journey I experienced the myriad of colors of landscape and view some remote and picturesque villages and imposing pinnacle of mighty mountains. The whole trek from Leh is the perfect combination of natural beauty with cultural exquisiteness.  From Chang Ma to Base Camp, I walked in between the green, flourishing trees. At Base Camp, I settled my camp on the soft grassy velvety court. Next day our guide trained the whole group for all the possible weather condition we can go through.  On our big day, we ascend for Stok Kangri.


Trekking all way to the grand peak is frequently graded as difficult. The air we breathe in was thin and with every passing day the condition worsen. We experience the weather changing at every passing minute, so we named it chameleon.  Walking slowly on the height and praying to view the Stok Kangri at every passing minute, we reached our final destination.

Soaring high into the sky, the carved peak of Stok Kangri is stunning.  We were amazed by the far-reaching exotic views towards Tibet and eastern Karakoram. We also get the opportunity to witness the complete topography spectacle of Ladhakh. From barren lands to deserted meadows, jagged ridges, deep canyon, multi colored peaks and sparkling rivers with streamlined water rushing into them.


Stok Kangri is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to trek, but only some people are capable to complete the whole trek while many return without completing it. I am an adventurous kind of person that is why I go for it, and my decision of going such beautiful place that is awe-inspiring from the starting point till the end with Trek The Himalayas was absolutely right.