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World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of traveling. Something which we all love because trekkers are travelers. They are the adventure seekers who want to touch each and every mountain on the planet. This year’s WTD also highlights the importance of Technology for tourism. Hence, the theme this year is ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation‘.
Hands down, the digital platform is the best innovation. It has led to a reformation in tourism and trekking too. On this special day we jot down some of the revolutions, we think that the digital world has brought in the trekking industry.
World Tourism Day

  1. See the world on social media

Social media does not need any introduction or a description. We all are very much swayed by its endowment. This is the most powerful tool to dazzle the audiences with impressive images and videos of the Himalayas. Youtube, FB, Instagram virtually gives an insight about the trek you wish to experience. Additionally, it serves as the most effective marketing method for companies like us. Easy updates about the trek, better view of the mountain locations, HD images, videos etc. has boosted the trekking.

  1. Mountainous data about the mountains

With enormous blogging, Vblogs, Web articles, there is an ocean of data about the treks. You just type a name of the trek and you will get all the required information from what to pack to the exact route details. The readily available data opens doors to a naive trekker to come and explore the mountains.

  1. Hate it or like it? tell us directly

Now it is possible to directly interact with our trekkers through email and phone. This has immensely helped us grow through their feedback and suggestions. We can now carry out many experiments based on customer experience to make trekking easier. Digital platform has made it easy to work better and faster.

  1. Only a few clicks away from the Himalayas

Just plan a trek and immediately you can book a seat in flight or a train.  Initially, one had to plan a year ago to register for a trek and then get the booking of flight and trains done. Online booking of treks and transportation has made traveling painless. That too without an agent!
Gone are those days when one had to make 100 calls before heading on an adventure. Liked the amazing pictures of the mountains? search for the trek details, go through the itinerary, pick a preferable batch, book flight/train tickets and you are done. Just a few clicks in a few minutes, you are ready to go!
Isn’t this the digital transformation?