Back Valley of Flowers: A must do for a flower lover

Valley of Flowers: A must do for a flower lover

If you are a person who is a true nature fanatic, especially an admirer of flowers and if you’re constantly in search of something adventurous, then Valley of  Flowers Trek is waiting just for you. It is a picture perfect valley full of abundant flowers where you can soak in the beauty of mother earth at its best.

A Brief:

The Valley of Flowers trek is a high altitude trek of the Himalayan Mountains of Uttarakhand and is located in Nandadevi National Park. This beautiful valley of colours has nearly 500 species of different wild flowers blooming. The region is a ‘World Heritage Site’ in the lists of UNESCO and is one of the best places for trekking in Uttarakhand.

Best Time to Visit:

The valley gets completely covered with flowers during monsoons between mid-July to mid-August. It is the best time to explore the scenic landscape as this is the time when the flowers are blooming in abundance.

The Variety:

Brahmakamal, Cobra Lilly & Blue Poppy are among the most known flowers which can be found here. The Fuchsia Himalayan Balsam is the most widely spread flower here making the landscape a mixture of pink and green with Himalayan Hogweed being next. Charming of all are Whorl flowers and Geraniums. Other rare varieties include Marsh Marigold, Bistorta, Lilium, small Pedicularis, winged leaved Nomocharis, Arisaema, Sibbaldia and many more. The big expanses of same species of flowers gives an appearance of a vibrant bed provided by nature.

The Glory:

You just can’t resist gazing the area as flowers can be seen from the very beginning of the valley and you can’t miss out some tiny charming flowers popping to get discovered in the extensive stretches of big flowers.

The Exhilaration:

Blossoms giving fresh & soothing fragrance along with the eye pleasing views is such a relaxing feeling that you will definitely fall in love with the nature and its beauty over again.

The Trek:

Not only the valley but the trek is also marked with small flowers in between which will keep you energised through the mildly difficult trek.

The Enrichment:

Small streams of River Laxman Ganga and Rocky Mountains on either side make the already finest valley an ideal landscape of nature which anyone dreamt of.
If you are a true flower lover, by now you must have got excited by just reading about the ample varieties of flowers you will get to explore there. Imagine the thrill of going there and soaking in the beauty of the Valley of Flowers.