Valley of Boulders and Peaks- Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek

Today in day to day life everyone is very busy, we are not having time for any enjoyment or relaxation. So I thought of giving me some time for experiencing adventure. A great thanks to online trekking companies who have made task very easy to get online registered and can enjoy great time. I searched online many trekking sites then I came to know about Trek the Himalayas who are the leader in this field.

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There were many packages but I decide to visit Sunderdhunga Trek and viewed some photos of this area the lovely snowy peaks, pines tree and the town nestled with greenery atmosphere will make surely a wonderful drive, all around plants will enthrall my journey. I just packed my bags and next day I was ready with my luggage and waiting for my team. Then we just started and reach within 7 hours to our destined location. There I stayed in camp and after relaxing just started for trek. This way was approximately 8 kms far away from Jatoli village upto Dhungia Dhaun, which was a tough trek.

Sunderdhunga glacier is located in the Bageshwar district one of the most hunted places for trekkers. The Sunderdhunga glacier is a attractive glacier situated in the alpine region. Along with other glaciers like Sukhram and Maiktoli, the trek to Sunderdhunga makes a splendid trek. It is surrounded by gigantic peaks like Tharkot in the west. This track was full of hefty stones, enormous rocks and popularly known as Valley of stones. Sunderdhunga glacier is filled with innate exquisiteness and well attracted my persona. Trekking in Almora was very beguiled experience and unforgettable trip.  It was an alluring and beautiful place surrounded by greenery and I clicked some good punches for capturing good moments. The trek pungent view was giving me anonymously good feeling to enjoy and manifestation was breathtaking when I just view snowy clad mountains touching the sky. The route was very bumpy and tough but when there are professional trainers on every step to guide me. Thanks to team of Trek the Himalayas they were very helpful and guided me as a mentor to trail the path very easily. This trail was an unforgettable experience which will always be in my thoughts.