Back Trek to Goechala in Sikkim Himalayas

Trek to Goechala in Sikkim Himalayas

Life is very short and full of venture but we need to memorize the lovely glance of every second in our life. I had never thought of visiting on any trek and enjoy the lovely cherishable moments. I visited online many site but my friends told me about Trek The Himalayas who helped me in experiencing the great treasure of life. I have been to Goechala Trek which was enamored and attractive sightsee which made my journey enchanted The magnificence beauty and the copious forest, waterfalls and superb views of Mt Kanchenjunga, Pandim high peaks, Mountain Kabru sky-scraping peak  stole away my heart. Walking in the Sikkim region, where the mild wind holds the aromatic aroma of alpine flowers is the greatest experience that cannot be illustrate in words.samiti lake near dzongri with Goechala Trek sikkim

The Goechala Trek in Sikkim is one of the most idealistic tracks, the gigantic Dzongri and Thansing pastureland, the astonishing dell of Samiti Lake, the frozen track to Goechala makes a lovely trail. After crossing the most fascinating path I reached to splendid garlands and crossing the immense forest swag I reached to plateau region of Tshoka which was situated at high altitude.

kanchandzanga view from goechala

Trekking in Sikkim made my trek glorifying and attention-grabbing. There was the gigantic sandy dell almost like in a desert, surrounded by snowy ice which hit the highest point and looks very mesmerizing. It looked very incredible and after that I walked through a striking basin from where an elevated garland can be seen. There were snowy glaciers on the way which fascinated my trip. This trek indisputably provided me a chance to explore the striking sightsee view of high peaks and know more about the Kanchenjunga stack region.

snow view on Mountain from goechala

This was adding more rejoice and excitement when I was crossing exquisite stack and can feel the essence and magnetism. Then coming down from slope side I reached to Bakhim region. It was one of the most eye-catchy treks for me as I went on a trek very first time and specially enjoyed the river rafting. The meadows tend to get rockier as I moved ahead. This route deals with some main elevation but the track was very encouraging and the guides of Trek the Himalayas were very much professional. Thanks to them who actually made my trek wonderful.

Valley  and lake view of Goechala