Back The reason why most people want to quit their jobs and travel to the mountains

The reason why most people want to quit their jobs and travel to the mountains

Doesn’t it sound bizarre when you hear that your colleague quits a job just to roam in the mountains? It is crazy, how can one leave a luxurious, quintessential city life to live an uncertain raw life in the mountains.

According to the  Ministry of Tourism, Adventure Tourism industry has grown tremendously in the last decade. Trekking is the most popular amongst the adventure sports. Along with this, another important survey result is that the majority of the trekking community is formed by highly educated professionals. From the stats, it is obvious that the urge of the mountains is so strong that many opt to leave the salaried profession. Is really trekking the culprit for the loss of the professionals?
“First you become an engineer then you can decide what you want in life,” a sarcasm has become a reality especially amongst the trekkers. “We get job applications more from IT or MBA professionals. Apart from being graduates, they have done Basic Mountaineering Courses too. They have left their desk job to travel and hike in the mountains. Many of them do not want the 9-6 desk monotonous job and they want thrill in life,” says Rakesh, founder of TTH.
The thrill or the kick of life has now become crucial than money or a house or a car. The young generation wants to earn experience, not money. “I was introduced to the mountains when I was in college. After doing a job for a few years, I knew this is not me. I cannot sit in a confined space, I need no boundaries. The love grew immensely that one day I left my job. Not even once did I think of my earnings. Less money, less spending but bigger life lessons,” remembers Kavita, a trek leader with TTH.
Scientists have concluded that the adrenaline rush basically brings a feeling of satisfaction, confidence, and pleasure. This comes when you overcome a hurdle that challenges you physically and mentally. Once you start relishing that feeling, you want more and more. It is like an addiction. Money or other things do not matter then.
I was working in a five-star hotel in Mumbai as a chef, I always wanted to do that. I was somehow not able to focus there. Fed up with me, my uncle forcefully asked to come back and join his work of being a Trek Manager. I then started cooking for trekkers with TTH. I eventually succumbed to the wildness and I started enjoying it. I try to be innovative as a chef by serving wonderful dishes to the trekkers at high altitude. I am living my dream of being a top chef while being content,” recites Shankar, Head Chef of TTH.
Most of the times we hear, being in nature allows to discover ownself. A perception of inner peace can be encountered. “I always wanted to work with Google or Facebook one day. I started trekking and my aim changed. Suddenly, I just wanted to be in the mountains. They had set me free. I felt light and extremely peaceful in the wild, ” says Nutan, Content Writer with TTH.
Having no plan is the new plan of this generation. Coming out of a secured life to step into the unknown is no big risk to them. We have a few trekkers who reveal of taking a break of 1 or 2 years just to explore the Himalayas. “I did 7 years job as an Engineer. I also got the chance to work in the US for an onsite project. After some time I found something was wrong. I was missing visits to the Himalayas due to tight work schedules. I then decided to quit and take a break from this stressful life. I have been trekking for more than 8 months now. I am a nomad,” says Anshuman, a trekker from Kolkata.
As an engineer, I love what I do. I only do not like how I do it. Long sitting hours, staring the screen was stressing my body. I want good health, not good bank balance, ” laughs Sudhanshu, trek leader with TTH. We know trekking/hiking is an excellent exercise. Being fulltime trekker will definitely make one as strong as the Sherpas. No wonder this can also motivate one to change the career.
Not only adventure enthusiasts but numerous photographers, bloggers, and videographers are also tempted to be in the wild. They have the passion to explore and appreciate the essence of the Himalayas in their lenses. This can be comprehended from enormous films blogs and photographs on high altitude treks on social media.
Trekking is a medium to follow an interest, to earn doing what you love, to enjoy the work and to be genuinely content. The popularity of trekking only signifies that millennials are becoming aware of what they want in life. It is basically the right to make a choice. Rather than getting burdened by the pressure of society or family, people are choosing a career that they love. Be it trekking or any other profession, it is the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
Content Writer with TTH