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Snow Winter Kauri Pass


Kauri Pass is one of the few trekking destinations of Himalayan region that is available for trekking in winter season when the paths get wrapped with heavy snow fall. I have never trekked in winter season and never experienced walking on the snow so, this time I decided to go for Winter Kauri Pass Trek. I logged on to Trek The Himalayas Company’s website and booked them to make my all arrangements. Their proficient staff told me that the area usually receives snow-fall at this period of time so; he instructed me to take all the right gear and protection from snow and cold. On the due date of journey, I met with the remaining group of trekkers that were also going for Kauri Pass expedition by the same company. They were all also going this destination for the first time.

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Snow Winter Kauri Pass Trek

On the route, our guide told us that Kauri Pass was hit by its first snow-fall of the season the day before. We all have butterflies in our stomach.

From Haridwar, we hire a cab for Joshimath. Moving from crowded town of Joshimath, to further on the route, I experienced the virtual silence in the air which is truly obvious around here. With every uphill heave and downward scurry the landscape changes tremendously. Walking through the highlands covered with silver Oak trees, my trek suddenly enters into the tunnels of rhododendron trees; half buried in extensively spread of snow all around. We witnessed wide areas of pastures, charming Deodar and Oak trees standing tall in front of snow clad peaks of mighty Himalayan Mountains.

Kauri Pass Trek

The route going from Tali Top to Kauri Pass made us feel as if we are Hiking the Himalayas alpine in truck loads of snow in full extent. When we reached at Kauri Pass, we saw the whole area was carpeted by fresh snow-fall. We view the inspiring vision of the best of Himalayan peaks like Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Kamet, Trishul etc. The sight of Nanda Devi Peak from Auli is the most beautiful memory of the trek.

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This trek tested my endurance and verge of bearing cold, and I am glad that I made my decision of going on adventure trek of Winter Kauri Pass.

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