Back Six years old conquering Dayara Bugyal trek

Six years old conquering Dayara Bugyal trek

“We as parents limit our kids by asking questions whether they can do it or not. In fact we must put them in the situation and see how they react. Kids today are smart, resilient. They can adjust to anything,” says Subhadra Patil who recently completed Dayara Bugyal trek with her 6 year old son Ayan.

Being outdoor lovers Ayan’s parents always took out time for a trek or an outdoor trip. Ayan saw his parents going away for a trek when he was 4 years old. Just like any other kid he did not like staying away from his parents and stubbornly accompanied them henceforth. “We saw how much he wanted to travel plus we also encourage nature time for him. So, we decided to plan another trek when he turned 6. We researched and came across TTH. Their sales team helped us pick child-friendly trek and season. And Dayara Bugyal in October it was!” remembers Subhadra.

Once the trek date was finalized the couple made sure they had the right gear, clothing, medicines etc. for Ayan and themselves. Although Subhadra agrees on going through a fitness regime, Ayan never did. He is an active child, playing and running around all the time. That is the reason why he could effortlessly pull off the Dayara trail.

She adds, “Fortunately, we faced no health problems on the trek. Everything was smooth. He would run ahead of us and walk with the guide. Being a talkative child he had made friends with everybody around him. In fact, he would assist the team in setting up tents. He enjoyed a lot. Because of him, we had fun.”

Throughout the trek, Ayan was curious about everything. He collected various leaves, twigs, stones and whatnot. He would ask about the mountains, villagers, birds, animals, everything. Ayan has made a wonderful collection of stones, sticks, leaves, feathers all that caught his attention on the trek route. He plans to make a scrapbook where he would decor memories of his very first trek. “He also drew a map of the trek route. The map shows rivers, mountains, trees etc. He recollected his memory of the trekking trail. We were quite surprised that how much he observed and engulfed in such a small time,” smiles Subhadra.

Right after returning home Ayan wants to go for another trek. He loves being in nature, staying in tents and asking questions of the true world we live in. Subhadra hopes that the trekking experience shapes his thought and makes him grow as a good human. “I believe every kid must be exposed to some outdoor experience. We live in concrete jungles filled with academic pressure and internet killing their curiosity. Also, parents are busy in earning a livelihood. They have no time for the child or witness them grow. A trek is a perfect time where the family bonds, the child learns and their curiosity and innocence is preserved. We as parents must just take one step forward and kids will happily follow us.”

The Patil family has made a strong mind to continue the routine of going on Himalayan treks. They hope that through treks Ayan conquers more amazing trails and his own life!

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer