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Six Things about Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great lakes Trek offers an experience that goes beyond imagination. It’s a moderate trek in the Kashmir Himalayas.  As the name suggests, the trail of the trek takes you along serene lakes: Kishansar, Gadsar, Vishnasar, Gangabal, Satsar and Nundkol.  The high altitude peaks offer vantage points that let you delve into the picturesque mountains and lakes.

1.    Twin lakes view

Standing at 13,400ft near Satsar pass, you get to soak in the view of the twin lakes Gangbal and Nundkol. And as you trek ahead, you’re sweetly surprised by the campsite that lies next to the pristine Nundkol Lake.

Twin Lakes View [Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya (2013)]

2.    The green carpet of meadows

The beauty of the trek lies in the greens that it offers.  A thick cosy carpet of lush green with vibrant wild flowers makes for a spectacular view.  No wonder it is one of the most recommended treks for shutterbugs.

Carpet of Meadows [Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya (2013)]

3.    The challenging Gadsar pass

The Gadsar pass, at 13,800ft is the highest point on this trek. Both the Kishansar and Vishnusar lakes are in full view together from this point. Be ready, it might take you more than 2 hours to reach to the top of the Gadsar Pass.

Gadsar Pass [Photo Courtesy: Sanjay Wahi (2014)]

4.    Scenic drive Srinagar to Sonmarg

The feel of the Kashmir Great Lakes begins with this 90 minute drive. The route gives you a glimpse of what lies ahead, yet keeps your intrigue burning. You can spot a few snow clad Himalayan mountain peaks on your way.

Sonmarg Valley [Photo Courtesy: Krishna Bhat (2014)]

5.    Glacier Sighting

You’re dwarfed by the massive Harmukh peak overlooking the Nundkol Lake. The pristine white Harmukh glaciers wrap the mountains on its rocky edges. The Peak, lake and glaciers, all are ready for a perfect picture.

Harmukh Peak [Photo Courtesy: Chaitanya (2013)]

6.    The treacherous Descent

You have to brace yourselves up and be ready to face the steep descent downwards. A day long trek is from Gangabal (11,500ft) to Naranag (7,450ft) It will take a heavy toll on your toes, knees and the heart, as you will want to go back to the mountains and never return.

Kashmir Descent [Photo Courtesy: Nitish Naik (2013)]


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Rakesh Pant