Back 5300 Deaths In 3 Months- How Covid 2 Changed The Fate Of Uttarakhand & The Untold Story Of Fightback By TTH Foundation

5300 Deaths In 3 Months- How Covid 2 Changed The Fate Of Uttarakhand & The Untold Story Of Fightback By TTH Foundation

From 98500 cases & 1711 deaths as on 29th March 2021 to 3,39,373 cases & 7083 deaths as on 25th June 2021, COVID 2nd phase battered Uttarakhand casting a dark ominous shadow on the beautiful Himalayan state.

Scores of patients in hill districts of Pauri Garhwal, Chamoli, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarkashi could not even see a doctor or reach any hospital. The few who could reach Dehradun, found the hospitals overstretched, without any beds. The once beautiful Himalayan hamlets which we have seen during our treks were now ghost towns. Villagers had no idea how to handle covid patients or prevent the virus from spreading like wildfire.

This is when, against all odds & without caring for their safety, the bravehearts of TTH FOUNDATION (a non-profit arm of Trek The Himalayas) jumped in. Something had to be done. Between 18th-26th May 2021, 4000 medical kits were distributed in Lohajung, followed by Uttarkashi & Joshimath, upto the last Indian village of MANA. This was just the beginning. In all 80 villages in 4 districts were reached & more than 4 Lakh medical kits including oximeters, masks, thermometers, basic medicines and safety brochures were distributed.

TTH FOUNDATION trained local volunteers, worked with Asha workers, Gram Pradhans, Panchayat members, set up medical & educational camps, quarantine centres ; LIVES HAD TO BE SAVED.

But its not a happy ending yet, not with that huge a cost paid.

The big task ahead

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg in our efforts to save the Himalayan villages from Covid. Of the 13 districts in Uttarakhand, we have just reached 4 so far, through our limited resources. And we still have Himachal Pradesh & Ladakh to cover, which face similar challenges. Just setting of quarantine facilities, education & medical camps, collecting and distributing medical supplies to each off-beat location in Uttarakhand requires many times more resources; with the clock ticking continuously against us. And this is why, we appeal to our fellow citizens to join us in our efforts of saving precious lives, well in-time as covid is not giving second chances to many.