Back Why is Roopkund trek recommended for Corporate Personnel?

Why is Roopkund trek recommended for Corporate Personnel?

Roopkund trek is perfect for you to dive into adventure while you soak in the beautiful sights around. The whole trail offers beautiful views that soothe your eyes. The sceneries effortlessly divert your mind off your office work and let you live in the moment.

1- De-stresser:

Roopkund Trek

Life in corporate world is quite stressful. A break from the stress proves to be a perfect way to refresh. And what better way to refresh than get lost in the hills!

2- Hooked to facing challenges?:

A trek is a blend of challenge and relaxation. The trail offers quite a few challenging peaks while campsite is perfect to unwind and refresh your mind.

Roopkund Trek

3- ‘Wallpaper’ views:

Does staring at screen wallpapers boggle you? Not anymore. The picturesque Roopkund Trek offers enough and more natural wallpapers that you would love to stare at.

Roopkund Trek

4- Mundane to thrilling:

The Rookpund Trek offers a thrilling experience at every step. Every day the trail adds on to the adventure quotient to spice up your mundane life.

5- ‘Busy’ schedule:

Busy, you will be! Capturing rare birds and beautiful, vibrant flowers along the trail. The sights of snow clad mountain peaks will also gobble up quite a lot of your time.

Here’re a few highlights of the trek trail which will let you forget all your stress and work-related worries.

  • Didina Village:

    The grassy fields are a great way to explore rural lives.

  • Ali & Bedni Bugyal:

    These twin meadows are one of the highest meadows in our country and present you with beautiful scenery.

  • Bednikund:

    A nature’s canvas where you can see the image of Trishul white peak in the kund amidst the green meadows.

  • Trishul Parbat:

    Views of Trishul peaks, from Bedni Bugyal are magnificent. The sunrise and sunset views at are absolutely splendid as well.

  • Ghora Lotani:

    Another beautiful campsite which gives you a feeling of isolation and relieves you from your hectic life.

  • Bhaguwabasa:

    A heavenly place to camp before reaching Roopkund. At this altitude, you’re almost in the clouds and in the midst of snow clad peaks. Perfect for disconnection.

  • Roopkund Lake:

    In the middle of Himalayan Mountains is a terrific and enthralling place which will make you wonder about its sort of ‘mysterious’ past.

    To sum up, Roopkund Trek has everything that you look forward to refresh your mind from the fatigue of office life. Though a bit challenging, it is a beautiful trek to let you feel completely rejuvenated. We’re sure you’ll return with full zeal.