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Top 3 Monsoon Treks for a Family Adventure

Popular idea is that trekking adventure is suitable only for the youth. The trails passing through dense forests, high mountain valleys, gurgling streams, marked by steep ascents and sudden descents every now and then – all these can be strenuous and hence these are not for kids or the elderly people! But let us tell you, this notion cannot be far from the truth! To enjoy the bounty of nature through trekking you do not have to age bound! You need to have the proper fitness and an enthusiastic mindset.  

trekking with your kid or family members

On that note, let us list down our top 3 takes for the upcoming monsoon adventure where you can have amazing time enjoying the grand Himalayan vista trekking with your kid or family members

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Located in the Nanda Devi National Park, Valley of Flowers trek is an easy to moderate grade adventure that can be attempted by kids above 10 years and also elderly people in their 50s-60s

For how to prepare for the trek, route and accommodation details you can check our trek itinerary

Meanwhile, take a virtual tour to understand why Valley of Flowers is a must do trek

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass Trek

Touted as one of the most scenic cross over treks in India, Hampta Pass trek brings together the mystical lore of two completely different and dramatic Himalayas vistas – the green Kullu-Manali valley and the arid Spiti valley. 

This grand amalgamation marked by one Himalayas high pass can be witnessed and experienced by trekkers of all ages – kids to elderly. However, fitness is a must to enjoy the wonderful experience that Hampta Pass offers. 

Until you book the Hampta Pass trek take a virtual tour of this marvelous adventure – 


Tarsar Marsar Trek

The humongous rolling valleys in Kashmir is a view that you should never miss any chance to witness. And if this can be done together with friends and family the charm of the adventure greatly increases! Yes, Tarsar-Marsar, the trek to two high altitude alpine lakes is a trek that can be done by kids above 10 years and by trekkers who are in their early 60s or above

Witness the mesmerizing Himalayan landscapes marked by enchanting valleys, spirited streams and river, vast open expanse of unadulterated nature in all these top 3 monsoon treks in the lap of the Himalayas. However, make note of the criteria that are specifically mentioned in each trek. Paying attention to how to prepare and what to expect from a trek will ensure you have the best experience ever.