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Outdoor Experiential Learning Program For Schools

Today I want to discuss something different with you. I want to bring forward the concept of ‘Experiential Learning’, which I believe is the need of the hour. Why do I say this? The world as we know it today has changed from what it was back 10 or 15 years ago and is ever-changing. A simple classroom setting is not complete enough to prepare your kid for the dynamic changes of the world. So how can you prepare them? This is where the concept of Experiential Learning comes in. What really is Experiential Learning you might ask.

In nutshell, Experiential Learning is the process of learning through experience and we believe that it is one of the most effective forms of education.

Keeping this in mind, Trek The Himalayas has designed a very unique Outdoor Learning Program for kids that will help the students explore their personal and social development through the lenses of culture and environment offered by outdoor experiences. What could be better than a trekking expedition to understand the values of cooperation and collaboration, the importance of a sustainable lifestyle, and the cultural heritage?

Time and again we have seen the entire outlook of children changing just by exposing them to the outdoor environment. To bridge the gap between classroom life and real-world experiences, the students must learn the critical application of knowledge, learn to work in a collaborative environment, and develop strength of character.

This program is very carefully designed to provide a riveting experience to the students over a 5-6 days trek in the Himalayas

An Overview Of This Program

A growing concern among guardians is to teach their kids the importance of teamwork and mutual respect, which is very important for proper human resource development. Hence, we have developed a special experiential outdoor learning program for kids. The entire program is built around trekking and trek-related activities to bring about a change in the team dynamics. Having taken many students from the top schools, we have observed that trekking in the mountains gives them an immense amount of knowledge and education within a very short period.

School is not just about being able to learn textbook theories but it is also about building long-standing relationships, accessing an incredible amount of resources, and getting to experience other cultures, and there is no better means to learning all these than experiential learning.

The Focus Of This Program

The Outdoor Experiential Learning Programme for schools is specially designed to bring out leadership skills, teach the kids to work in a collaborative environment, to improve crisis-resolving skills, and develops innovative thinking. The program is designed around trekking and other fun activities to bring about a positive change in the perspective of young minds.

A trek in the Himalayas takes the students to an unfamiliar environment where they are faced with unique challenges and take part in activities that allow them to invest time to build cordial relationships with their classmates, think out of the box to solve crises, handle conflicts constructively, and cooperate and collaborate for the bigger objective.

Spiritual development is the development of the non-material aspects of life, focusing on personal insight, values, meanings, and purpose. Students should develop a zest for life and the courage and ability to persevere, overcoming any inner resistance and vacillation when approaching obstacles.

A Cultural development to support students to understand, feel comfortable with, value, and appreciate the potential enrichment of cultural diversity. They should challenge discrimination. We designed tasks that how they finish by exploring their own creative powers.

Moral development supports students to make considered choices around their behaviour and the values that provide a framework for how they choose to live. Moral development is also learning about society’s values, understanding the reasons for them, how they are derived and changed; and how disagreements are resolved. Students must consider the consequences of personal and societal decisions on the wider community – local and global- and on the environment and future generations.

Promote social development that helps students to work effectively together, developing the interpersonal skills required to relate positively with their peers and people of all ages. Through this program, Students understand how to participate productively in a diverse and plural society and they get to know effectively they can engage with societal institutions and processes.

Benefits Of This Outdoor Learning Program

1- Learning to adapt and adjust to new environments.
2- Better time management.
3- Study and personal life balance.
4- Working together as a team.
5- Magnify a positive attitude in life.
6- Leadership.
7- Become more resilient during challenging situations.
8- Boost self-confidence.
9- An increased sense of self-awareness.

A Sit & Reflect Session At The End Of Each Day

At the end of each day of the program, the entire group will sit together and we will have a ‘Pause and Reflect’ session. In these sessions, we will go through the day and reflect on what we have learned from the activity. This is will help the students in building their analytical skills and reasoning and also help sustain the lesson learned.

This adventure-based education program develops confidence, leadership, and responsibility, through outdoor challenge and accomplishment. A century ago, ancient schools around the nation used outdoor learning, and it’s a time-tested solution that we thought would work today.

Allow your kids to come in tune with their surroundings and whatever they learn they can bring it into the classroom and in real life through application and observation and this in return will contribute to their personal and social development. You will see recognisable changes in them, lasting all the way into their adult life.

If you want to learn more about this program you can drop us a mail and we will get back to you.

Reap the Rewards of the great outdoors. It’s time to bring your kids in sync with their natural surroundings!!

I will end here today, see you again next week, with more Himalayan anecdotes!

Hope to see you soon!!!

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