Back Learn all that they don’t teach you at top management schools at bagini glacier trek: Himalayan treks, trekking in himalays

Learn all that they don’t teach you at top management schools at bagini glacier trek: Himalayan treks, trekking in himalays

Bagini Glacier: A Quick Summary: Located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, an amazing place to choose from Trekking in Himalayas. At an altitude of 14816 ft. it will let you have the appealing views of snow clad mountains of Kalanka, Changbang, Dronagiri.


On the blissful trek tour of one of the majestic Himalayan treks you will be able to learn the basic & simpler things of life which you won’t be able to learn in any Management schools.

  • Importance of Nature: The cherishing, panoramic views of white peaks of Kalanka, Dronagiri, Changbang, Hathi, Ghori, Trishulli along with astounding views of Bagini Glacier will make you fall in love with the nature, you will realize the significance of nature in your life to make it calm and stress free.


  • Out of your comfort Zone, in the peaceful and unrevealed beauty of Bagini Glacier Trek, you will discover the best of yourself and the nature.
  • Team Spirit: The route from Dronagiri camp to Bagini Base camp and then to Bagini Advanced Base camp is not well marked, moreover some misleading sideways which comes in between the trail make you to move in as a team thereby developing a team spirit in you practically.
  • Enhanced Decision making: The tricky situations like to camp at Longatulli if not acclimatized properly or to move further to Bagini base camp keeping in view of the health positions of team members can be overcome only by sincere decision making.
  • Life of Rural Villages: You will discover the slow-moving, peaceful life of Ruing and Drona Giri village, Ruing village grassy field and forest ahead will make you adore the region, Dronagiri village is known for its close relation to Hanuman in Ramayan, will be another addition to you knowledge base.


  • After encountering though the beautiful rare landscapes, serene unexposed places, meadow of thick forest, walking up and down the climbs; the stunning, spellbound views of Bagini Glacier will make all your handwork justified. You will surely remember the entire life that the hard work always pays off.
  • The Entire exploration of the trek of Bagini Glacier will give a remarkable, exciting adventure, the freedom in the laps of nature, outdoor camping amidst the snow clad peaks will change you perspective towards nature and life and you will surely develop to a confident, courageous person.

Written By:-

Rajni (Team TTH)