Back Why Everyone Loves Winter Kedarkantha Trekking in India

Why Everyone Loves Winter Kedarkantha Trekking in India

As the year comes to an end, we all look out for various travel and trekking options. Months of November and December are the peak seasons for winter trekking in India. One of the most thrilling trek options is the Kedarkantha trekking in Uttarakhand. Throughout the trail, you will get to witness striking mountain ranges covered in snow blankets, glaciers, and the beautiful view of Garhwal ranges. This is one of the oldest commercial trek paths that were discovered in India. The lake-side camping at Juda Ka Talab gives a lifetime of beautiful memories. Further in this blog, you will get to read the major reasons why trek to Kedarkantha in winters should be on the “must to do list”.

What Will You Get to See During Kedarkantha Trek in Winters?

Breathtaking Sceneries: During the entire trail you will get to witness the awesome natural beauty of the Garhwal Mountains. From the top, you get to see the great mountain peaks like Gangotri, Yamunotri, Bandarpoonch, Black peak, and Bandarpoonch. The famous Har Ki Dun trek is also visible from here. The picturesque locations will urge you to trek this place again and again.

Best Campsites: All the Himalayan treks offer beautiful campsites but you can trust us when we say, Kedarkantha trek offers the best campsites experience. From the Juda Ka Talab campsite (it is believed that Lord Shiva used to meditate here), you can witness life’s best sunsets and sunrises.

Dense Forest of Pine, Oak, and Deodar: In this trek you will feel the dense forest of pine, oak, and deodar walking parallel to you.

Untouched Natural beauty: When you trek from Gaichwangaon towards the summit, you will experience the most untouched natural beauty. The entire stretch is travelled only either by the local villagers or by the trekkers and hence offers virgin beauty. The forest is not so polished like you see in other treks and hence gives an actual feel of a wild forest.

Experience Local People Lifestyle with Homestays: You will spend the 1st and the 2nd night in the lovely homestays of Gaichwangaon. While staying at the homestays, you can very closely observe the lifestyle, food, and culture of the local mountain people.

Challenges in this Trek

Long Trek on Day 1: The first day of this trek is pretty challenging as it involves almost 9kms of a hike that takes around 7-8 hours. For those who are new to trekking, walking for long hours in the Himalayan Mountains can be a bit challenging.

Knee-Deep Snow: This trek offers awesome scenery during winters but can be quite tiring for beginners. During winters, you will have to pull your legs from deep snow at every next step as you will get snow till your knee. You will also face strong chill wind waves which can go down to -7 degrees Celsius.

Stormy Weather Conditions (Not So Common): Although this is very rare but you need to be aware of all the possibilities while planning for any Himalayan treks. In the winter seasons, especially from Dec to Feb, the entire trail is covered with thick snow and generally, the weather is quite calm but very a few times it might happen that the weather suddenly turns stormy. This type of weather could indicate huge hailstorms in the lower areas and heavy snowfall at the high peaks area. But if you have registered booking with renowned trekking companies in India, then you will have the best trek guides to provide the alternatives in such weather conditions.

Well, this winter season experience something thrilling and adventurous with trekking in Uttarakhand. If you haven’t booked your hike yet, do it today!!