Welcoming 2020 with a bang: Introducing new challenges for the new decade

The year 2019 was filled with a lot of surprises that made us laugh, wonder and even brought tears to our eyes. We truly cherish each and every memory of the trekking year 2019. It is only due to belief of you trekkers that made it what it is, stupendous!

With a few lows, there were only highs and highs in our journey. The closest to us was being Awarded as the 'Best Adventure Provider' in September by PHD HT Samman of Uttarakhand.

Everything has been summed up in the following diagram.

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The only thing that comes to our mind after seeing these year-long achievements is 'THANK YOU!'. Thank you to all you trekkers who made us grow and be strong enough to enter in the 2020 decade. Therefore, we thought we must also encourage our trekkers to excel more in the trekking world. Enough of those regular treks only, trekkers are now ready to try some unusual trails. You all made 2019 wonderful for us, now it is our turn!

We are opening unexceptionable trekking trails in 2020. The new treks are more challenging and we believe experienced trekkers can immediately dive in.

1- Deo Tibba Peak Expedition

 This is a popular peak of Himachal Pradesh. It is alsothe second-highest peak of PirPanjal range of 6001 meters height. Trekkers done with Mountaineering Courses may know that this peak is part of ABVIMAS Mountaineering Courses. Hence, this peak is considered suitable for beginners. It is like a training expedition for future Mountaineers.

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Despite being open for beginners it is a technical peak. It requires load ferry, crossing technical terrain difficulties, using fixed ropes, crampons, ice axe etc. This expedition is recommended to only experienced trekkers. The trek is artistic going through huge meadows, birch forests, river bridges and vast snowfields. In short, this expedition has the advantage of being mind-blowingly beautiful with some technical challenges.

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2- Rudugaira Peak Expedition

Another high technical peak of 5819 meters in Garhwal Himalayas. This peak is known for mesmerizing views right from the start and from the summit. The trail is magically alongside Gangotri Massif and Auden's Col. It is recommended for beginners too, those starting out in Mountaineering career. The expedition begins from devotional hub Gangotri and follows Bhagirathi river.

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The summit climb is prominent for some of the best sights of Mountaineering world along with the scary sight of crevasses. Especially, the early morning sun rays gleaming right behind these peaks. The sight is out of the world coming after a night-long climb towards the top. Of course, the views from the peak top are even more stunning adding Shivling peak in the glimpse too.

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Now the high and challenging passes,

3- Auden's Col expedition

If you have been to Gangotri you must have definitely heard this name. If not that you can just search for dangerous treks of India and Auden Col pops first. Apart from just being popular for its danger also has an immense place in Indian Literature. Once you start from Gangotri and cross the Auden's Col and keep continuing you will reach Kedarnath. Right from a secret way from One Char Dhaam to another. At an elevation of 5242 m, the pass lies between Jogin I and Gangotri III peaks. It also connects Rudragaira and Bhilangna valley.

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Not only that, the trek comes across 3 alluring lakesSukhatal, Masar Tal and  Vasuki Tal. There are meadows and Rudragiara, Bhilangna rivers too. While the stunning views capture our heart, eyes are definitely needed on the foot to cross steep path, scary snowfields and loose rocks. It recommended for experienced trekkers only.

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4- Bali Pass trek

It is like an unsung hero of the high passes of the Himalayas. The pass is surrounded by a lot of significant places of Mountaineering and Hindu religion. This trek explores Yamunotri valley, yes the popular Char Dhaam, Yamnotri. The pass connects Har Ki Doon and Ruinsara valley, therefore highlighting the elegance of Osla and many other villages.

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The pass is a direct gateway to closer peek into Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch range. It is a difficult grade trek having steep climb, narrow paths with valley exposure and requires great physical endurance. So, it is recommended to experienced trekkers.

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5- Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Enough with the tough passes, we have something that is less dreadful and more enjoyable, Pin bhaba pass. This pass is always confused with Pin Parvati Pass. Actually, it is a different and easier trek. The pass connects Pin and Bhaba valley in Himachal Pradesh.

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The trail is designed such that it goes through exquisite landscapes until the last minute of the trek, like. Shimla, greener side of Himachal enclosed of Bhabha river and Kara grasslands, followed by arid Spiti and Kaza and the last Rohtang Pass near Manali. The trek is of moderate level and is good for beginner trekkers too.

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How can we forget almighty lakes?

6- Kedartal lake trek

Lake treks may not be as popular as Pass treks but they are more deserving when it comes to spectacular sights.Kedartal is an emerald lake reflecting the magnificence of Thalaysagar peak. You might know, but Thalaysagar is considered the most beautiful mountain after Shivling peak. Surprisingly, both of them lie in Gangotri range. Although this trek does not show Shivling, it never fails to capture the essence of Ganga and Gangotri.

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The trail shows varying types of difficulties from rockfall, a narrow ledge on rock faces, steep climb, dust and scree. Therefore the trek is known for being dangerous and only daredevils must go for this trek.

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And last but not the least...a reminder of

7- Kang Yatse II peak expedition

If you have been following us, you might know that in August 2019, we had our first success on Kang Yatse II peak. It was our first and only batch. We achieved this first grand success on a semi-technical peak of 6000m+ height. This has motivated us to continue climbing Kang Yatse II in the coming year too.

For those who don't know, KY II is a peak of 6200 meters height in Markha Valley, Leh. It is considered as a less favoured contemporary of Stok Kangri. KY II is a technical peak that requires climbing in knee-deep snow, great exposure and crossing crevasses. It is best for those who wish to try something different than Stok Kangri. Although it requires prior knowledge of handling equipment, an experienced trekker can also opt for this trek.

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What do you think? Are you ready for the thrilling 2020 treks? Let us together show our strength once again. Let us create a new dimension in the world of trekking. Let us all together welcome 2020 with a bang!

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Happy Adventurous New Decade!