Back Heal Himala – A Campaign to Sustain the Himalayan Ecosystem

Heal Himala – A Campaign to Sustain the Himalayan Ecosystem

The Himalayas have long been standing as our guardians. Not only are they majestically beautiful but they are also home to over 10,000 varieties of flora, over 900 different species of birds and more than 300 species of mammals. It is nothing short of a paradise for biodiversity. Not only this many remote settlements are dependent on the Himalayas for their livelihood. Did you know that the Himalayas are also considered the ‘Water Tower of Asia’? Yes, the Himalayas contribute to many of the major river systems in the continent providing water to millions and millions of people downstream. Beyond ecological importance, the Himalayas also hold both spiritual and cultural significance for many, which means the ecological well-being of the mountains is directly connected with upholding traditional and cultural values. 

Over the years, footfall in the Himalayan region has increased significantly. While tourism in these regions supports the local communities, it also poses numerous threats to the delicate ecological balance. People visit the mountains to get a respite from their monotonous living but oftentimes leave behind a trail of trash behind them, especially plastic trash. Accumulation of such garbage in the mountains poses a serious threat to the mountain ecosystem. As a way of moving forward, we have launched theHeal Himala campaign. The goal of this campaign is to free the mountain of disposed trash and bring back its pristinity. 

About Heal Himala Campaign

Heal Himala

Mountains are not just a source of our livelihood but it is also something that we worship with all our hearts. Degradation of the mountain ecosystem is something that we take very seriously. Our Heal Himala initiative is a commitment to protect and preserve the delicate balance of this unique mountain ecosystem, ensuring that future generations can revel in the same breathtaking landscapes and experience the wonders of its rich biodiversity. This campaign is driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and we want you to be a part of this as well. Whether you visit the mountains regularly or are an occasional visitor, your connection with it makes you an integral part of its ecosystem as well. Recognizing that the Himalayas belong to all and none simultaneously, Heal Himala encourages everyone to become stewards of environmental preservation. We invite everyone to embrace their role in ensuring the Himalayas remain a sanctuary for its diverse flora & fauna, its communities and future generations of adventure seekers. 

Join The Movement!

Heal Himala

We actively encourage you to participate in this mission. The rules are simple, all you have to do is collect a minimum of 500 grams of disposed garbage during your treks. The more you collect the better your chances of winning exciting prizes!  Imagine the impact if each trekker contributes their bit, together we can make a huge difference. The Himalayas deserve to be free of human-induced waste and your contribution will play a pivotal role in achieving the vision. 

Win Exciting Rewards

Heal Himala

We believe in recognizing and celebrating your dedication, and what better way to do so than by offering enticing prizes for your efforts! Every gram you contribute is not just a step towards a cleaner Himalayas but also a ticket to potentially claim one of our fantastic rewards.

First Prize: A Pair of Top-Notch Trekking Shoes and an Exclusive 10% Discount

Step into your next adventure with style and comfort with our exclusive sturdy pair of trekking shoes. Not only will you be equipped with top-notch trekking shoes, but you’ll also enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your future treks. 

Second Prize: A Cozy Fleece Jacket and a 10% Discount

Our second prize offers a cozy fleece jacket – perfect for those chilly mountain evenings. Additionally, get a 10% discount on future treks. 

Third Prize: A Sturdy Trekking Pole and a 10% Discount on Future Treks

The third prize features a sturdy trekking pole – an essential companion for any mountain enthusiast. Alongside this practical tool, enjoy a 10% discount on your future treks.

Going on a trek is more than traversing trails, it’s an opportunity to become a part of a good samaritan of the mountains. We encourage all of you to trek with a purpose and contribute towards leaving the mountains better than you found them. Let us all leave a lasting legacy for the future generations!