Back Glacier trek to Bagini in Garhwal Himalaya Joshimath

Glacier trek to Bagini in Garhwal Himalaya Joshimath

As a mechanical engineer by profession, my life circles around every kind of machinery. In the day and at night, I could only hear the crushing sounds of machines, so in order to save my senses and cleanse my body and mind; I frequently go on a trekking expedition every year. I have lots of memories of my each trip of Trekking in India, but this year is a special one as this time I explore the Bhagini Glacier Trek of Uttrakhand region.


One of my friends suggested me for this trek and after some research and viewing some amazing photographs on the internet, I booked a ticket to discover the raw beauty of the route myself.

I packed my bags and waited eagerly for the big day. On the scheduled day, with all the excitement and enthusiasm in my heart I started this unforgettable journey.

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My trek begins with the arrival at Joshimath. It is a cool drive of 256 km from Haridwar. The small town of Joshimath looked bright and pure in the early hours of the day. Next morning we started our actual trekking from Jumma; a place 44 km far from Joshimath. We took a Mahindra max to reach there. Initially the road was good, but after some time, we all were holding our stomach with each and every bump of the road. After arriving at Jumma and crossing the hanging bridge over River Dhauli Ganga, we entered into Ruing Village. From the bridge, we view the fascinating river flowing beneath and the twisty Joshimath Highway behind. Then we climb the steep height of Dronagiri to place our camp. At that time, we all were so badly tired that after a light breakfast everyone went to sleep.

trekking in india

The next morning was pretty cold so; we end our sojourn early and start climbing uphill towards the village of Dronagiri. The whole trek is covered with dense forest, and we viewed wild flowers and colorful birds chirping all the way. On the fourth day of the trek walking in between the foggy and misty trail, we reached at the Base Camp. The glimpse of Rishi Peak and Bagini Nala was like if they are just emerging from the blanket of clouds. We rest at the Base Camp under the starry night. Next morning, we begin our journey soon as nobody in our group wants to miss the opportunity to view the sunrise from Changabang Base Camp.  The sight of mighty peaks of Hathi Parvat, Trishuli, Kalnka, Grarur Peak was treats to the eyes. Resting and clicking some amazing photographs of the wide panorama we all came back to our Base Camp. Next day we came back to Jumma. The journey was tiring as we all felt bad in leaving the beautiful place. After reaching at Jumma, finally my Trekking in Himalayan region ends. I said goodbye to my co trekkers and promised to meet next year at our next trekking adventure. With my heart filled with cherished memories of the trip, I return to fight with machines again!!