Back Can you choose between the two lake treks of the Kashmir Valley?

Can you choose between the two lake treks of the Kashmir Valley?

Not only do we trekkers but every traveller around the world agrees that Kashmir is the heaven on Earth. And who knows it might be prettier than Heaven! Green is the prime colour of happiness. Kashmir valley showcases the refreshing green everywhere. Peacefulness is amplified to its zenith by the glittering sunshine on the vibrant flowers rocking back and forth by the exhilarating cold breeze. One would wonder how all of this magically entwines with the blissful Himalayas. In short, Kashmir is Paradise!

Despite all the political instabilities we feel delighted to see that people still want to reach out to that abode of peace. We appreciate the Kashmiri people who cordially welcome all the valley admirers. This is what builds a harmonious relationship between nature and us. With the boom of trekking, this bonding is getting stronger. Two of the most surreal treks of this almighty valley are Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar Marsar treks. Trekkers frequently ask us which one is the best. Now, how can we distinguish between the children of the same mother? Can you try to choose?

Kashmir Great Lakes

Your adventure must be such that it brings you closer to yourself, its serenity enlightens your soul, challenges you physically and mentally, its scariness makes you humble and it takes you as high as the mountains to witness the real beauty of the life from the top. KGL is that perfect adventure.

Right from Sonmarg, the start of the trek, the feeling of blissfulness also begins. The lush meadows are laden with wild Himalayan flowers and the Thaaji Was glacier dominates the blue skies. I am sure one can see all the colours of nature in merely one sight. The rush of happiness just gets higher as you rise higher because, a series of thriller Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar twin lakes, Gangabal twins and Nundkol lakes strike one after another. So lively and tranquil, mirroring the surrounding world with immense authenticity. Eventually bringing you closer to yourself.

The trail is difficult going close enough to 14,000 feet, with some steep sections. This allows you to test yourself. It is again a task to stay mentally strong whilst going through some stress. After passing through pain leading eventually to high peaks. The mountains of Harmukh and its stunning glaciers, make you humbled. You will definitely feel grown as a person. There will be boosted confidence, understanding of life and enlightenment of the soul.

Tarsar Marsar lake trek

This trail stretches through another side of the marvellous heaven, through Pahalgam. It is another popular attraction of the Kashmir valley, which provides a picturesque dwelling of the sanctity of nature. You can call it a miniature version of the adventure offered by KGL trek, in terms of difficulty and the number of glacial lakes. However, it is unfair to compare its magnificence. It is just as ecstatic as KGL.

Going up and down beside Lidder river stream passing through verdant Shekwas green-lands having horses and cattle of the Gujjar grazing around. It might sound typical, but is a exceptional landscape. The Gujjar habitats are affable and welcome every trekker open heartedly. Steadily the pathway enters into the expressive lakes of Tarsar and Marsar, one by one. These lakes are the captivating features of the surrounding, forming a portrait that will last for lifelong in the mind. To sit on the edge of the lake and look upon the contemplating mountains is the perfect rejuvenation.

Just when you feel that you are satisfied and ready to move, you will be stumbled upon the surprising Sundarsar valley and adjoining pass. From the pass looking down into the eyes of the lakes, you will realize the depth of its beauty.

Now, which of these twin lake treks suffice your adventurous desire is totally up to you. We would love if you venture upon both. After all, there is no harm in hiking on two unconventionally stunning sides of the same valley.

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer