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The Storm Unsettled

Brahmatal Trek

The bus trip

Reaching lohargunj- base camp

They say ‘the higher you climb, the deeper you look within’.

People climb mountains to conquer themselves, to fight their fears, to challenge their physical and mental abilities. For me, none of these ever mattered.

Mountains are my lover.

The solitude and peace I feel up on the top is nothing compared to any beautiful experience of my life till now.

I usually take solo trips and treks, this was the first time I went through the agency. I was skeptical and a bit concerned about my whole experience.

The journey started as a hell road, where I almost gave up before reaching the base camp.

brahmatal trek 2022

The group supported and helped me through it.

Trek day

Camp Site- Daldum

Next morning we started to trek, the weather was little stormy and there was no sun. We knew if the conditions got worse, we might not reach the summit or might descend back.

brahmatal winter trek

There was a different energy in that place, I strolled around and found moss of the trees very intriguing, it smelled so satisfying and sounded so relaxing.

With all the enthusiasm and courage everyone took their pace and reached the 1st camp site, where I witnessed my first snowfall.

brahmatal trek best time

The snow flakes were small, crystallized and designed in a geometrical format(just the way we see in the pictures). That night nobody slept because of wind and continuous snow storm.

The other mountain

Camp Site- Bekaltal

Next morning, we moved ahead, carrying those bags and sticks while it kept snowing. 4 km up to the other mountain, which was covered in wide, white blanket of snow everywhere we could see. The snow here was different, it was soft, powdery, circular balls which took me to some other zone of my existence.

brahmatal trek in december

We mostly stayed in the maggi point near the fire to keep us warm and cosy. Meanwhile, we took a stroll to Bekaltal and sabg songs in the night. The temperature was -10 degrees and I had to sleep alone in my tent with 2 sleeping bags and 3 layers of clothing.

Summit day

Altitude- 12,000 ft at Jhandi Top

The last day, we started for the Summit. Their was no trail left to follow, heavy snow and wind welcomed us and the way through those trees us to the top was trippy. It was like I found my long lost home. I felt my body and every cell moving towards the freedom and being at the state of inertia. I started running, I never felt so powerful, light and the sense of fulfillment before.

brahmatal altitude

On the top, all we could see was other human beings filled with joy and contentment that they finally reached their potential, where I knew its just a beginning for me. While everyone was ready to step down, I did my Sirsasana to test my balance and state of mind, there was no stopping, no restriction and no resistance. It was a free flow.

While heading back the mountain bid farewell with the most scenic sunset I could see at that time. It all looked magical and extremely alluring. The photos and videos could never do justice to its beauty and that feeling of satisfaction.

Sunset View Brahmatal

In the end, I conclude with love and happiness for each one of us specially the Trek Leaders.

Written By-
Garima Vardhan