Back Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek: Kashmir’s Natural Wonder

Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek: Kashmir’s Natural Wonder

Himalayas in the monsoon becomes heavenly. The lofty sublime mountains covered in the cloak of misty cloud blankets, the streams and rivers running with a new lease of life, the verdant valleys offering soothing balm to the eyes and the cool climate adding that magical touch – you have it all in the monsoon treks!

Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek

Bodpathri-Tosamaidan trek in the Kashmnir valley offers all the charms of a monsoon trek and has something extra – this is one of the off-beat treks due to the recent opening of this region for the trekkers. So, you have those magical Kashmir valleys, alpine lakes and infite meadows all to yourself devoid of the crowd! Intrigued? Read on to know more.

Bodpathri Trek is undoubtedly one of the best scenic splendors of Kashmir. Lying under the shadows of the Pir Panjal Range and the Shailganga River cutting across the valley, the Bodpathri Trek is full of beauty and peacefulness. The trail follows this beautiful River to its source near the Ashtar Glacier, with lush carpets of undulating green as far as eyes can see.

This trek lets you experience 6 wonderful lakes in the Doodhpatri Valley. The lakes are so beautiful that they will completely enchant you. This region of Kashmir was out of bounds until a couple of years ago and now you have the opportunity to explore the unexplored part of Kashmir – its forests, valleys, meadows, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Along this trek, you will see some of the most majestic valleys like Ashtar Valley, Guruwansar, Pamsar, and Gadtar Valleys. Each has a distinctive beauty of its own. With so much of nature’s abundance, Bodpathri Trek is a must-do for anyone who is not scared to go a little off-grid!

Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek

Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek

RegionJammu & Kashmir
Duration7 Days
Altitude13,100 ft.
Trekking50 km

What Can You Expect At The Trek?

Bodpathri is a newly opened trek by us in the Kashmir Valley. Until recently, these parts of Kashmir were out of bounds, and as such, this trek gives you an introduction to the untouched corners of Kashmir with their beauty unspoiled by commercialization. Being an off-grid trek, you can expect much less crowd in this region as compared to other popular treks.

Along the trek, you can see 6 major high-altitude lakes, which are no less in beauty than those of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek or Tarsar Marsar Trek. The end of the trek with Tosamaidan is like a cherry on top.

Bodpathri Tosamaidan Trek

The Bodpathri Lake Trek is moderate-difficult and as such a good deal of physical stamina is essential for properly enjoying this beautiful trek. On average, you will be trekking 7 to 8 km every day.

On the Bodpathri Lakes Trek, you go up to an altitude of 13,100 ft. Our itinerary is designed in a way that you do not gain too much altitude too quickly.

The best time to do Bodpathri Trek is from the beginning of July to the middle of September. At other times the trek is buried deeply in snow and trekking here is not possible. July to September is the time when peak summer transitions to Autumn and therefore the best time to trek in Kashmir. The landscape comes alive during this period.