Back Conquer Majestic Peaks: Weekend Treks to Bigger Mountains

Conquer Majestic Peaks: Weekend Treks to Bigger Mountains

The Himalayan trek is the most alluring adventure. It takes one closer to the mountains, teaches amazing life lessons, and gives some of the most memorable memories. The travel time is the main factor that keeps us from going on the incredible venture. Many trekkers would agree,  at least 3-4 days are reserved for travelling. And adding another 3-4 trekking days means a long leave. Many of us with a busy schedule also want to fulfill the adventure trekking dream. The so-called weekend treks are a savior!

A complete small package that offers every thrill of a Himalayan trek. Besides, they are the best alternative for family or amateur trekkers!

Bhrigu Lake Trek

A trek that starts and ends at the epitome of Himachal Pradesh, Manali. In only 4 days of the trek you get an insight, no, you get to experience the whole of Kullu Region. Right from the world famous Rohtang pass to mind-blowing Seven Sister Peaks, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, and the widespread Pir Panjal ranges. In fact, the very first insights of the breathtaking serenity begin on the first day of the trek when you camp on the Gulaba meadows.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Excellence then just increases step by step. Being so engrossed in the surrounding beauty you will never realize how the shades of vegetation changed and you eventually arrived at the snowline. And in no time you would see your reflection rising in the Bhrigu Lake. The lake is magically placed between 2 mountain ridges. Just walk around the lake and you will get lost into a new world of peace!

Kareri Lake Trek

Another tiny yet not so tiny trek that is hosted by Himachal Pradesh. Despite being in the same state, the peculiarities of the Himalayas highlighted by this trek are not comparable to the above trek. Starting from Dharamshala, gradually crossing the alpine forests and vast meadows you reach at the first camping place Liyoti. The tents will be aligned next to a flowing stream, giving the perfect picturesque sights. The trail henceforth goes a little more steep, testing your endurance. Also, it will show variations like mud road, stream crossing, bridges, boulders, all of it. Bird watchers keep eyes and ears open,  the trail is a treasure for you.

You will arrive at Kareri Lake lying peacefully between the mountains and coniferous trees. You can see the lake is fed by Minkiani peak. Surprisingly, you get to spend a full night besides the lake.

Nag Tibba Trek

A most time-saving option for people loving mountains, with only 2 days including travel time. Of course, the added benefit is, mesmerizing trail throughout until the summit. Right from the base Pantwari the green fields and extravagant forests on adjacent hills will shower their blissful sights. The camping place of camp 1 is perfectly placed on grassland slopes with the valley views and wonderful Mussoorie range right in the front. The falling sun behind these mountains will give a wave of enthusiasm despite being tired after the strain-full trek.

Naag Tibba Trek

The summit day is another booster pertaining to the presence of dense forest trail. Slowly steadily the trail opens up to a 360-degree view of the high peaks, Bandar Poonch, Kalanag, Swargarohini sister peaks, Thalaysagar, to the magnificent Nanda Devi, you cannot ask for more!

The added advantage of these small treks is that they start from all the popular Himalayan destinations. You can easily include these as 2-3 days hiking trip to your already sightseeing tour. So, which of these small treks will be a bigger part of your life journey.

Naag Tibba Trek

Binsar Trek

I am totally amazed by the invention of this 2 days trial. It goes straight from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary to Jageshwar temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlinga and showing the giant peaks of Nandadevi, Nanda Ghunti, Trisul, and Panchchuli. What a vast picture to be witnessed in merely 2 days!

Not only that the route goes through the wonderful sanctuary bestowing pleasant encounters with leopards, deer, bears, sambhar, etc., and showing bright rhododendrons. The villagers are extremely welcoming, you can chat with them and find out traditional stories. The thrill ends at the Vridh Jageshwar temple dated 13th century AD. Along with it the 360 degrees view of the big peaks will leave you enthralled.

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer