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Best Winter Treks In India


Winter has always been a sign of epic adventure, the snow-clad mountains are a great way to test your endurance and to boost our spirits. The cold walks starting in October stretch up to the summer in March. It is also the best time to witness snow and enjoy the moments like we see in the cinemas. It can be a thrilling and daunting task at the same time to witness snow and also trying to walk on snow. But guess what? We’ve got you covered! Head-out on this link for a quick guide to layer on for your winter trek and walk on the snowy trails.

We also have a list of treks you could enjoy during Christmas – 5 Best treks for a snowy Winter.

Kedarkantha Peak Trek

The king of winter trek, the most popular winter trek so far. The frozen Juda Ka Talab camping is the most sought-after campsite, literally coming from a dream. Every year this trek gets booked 1-2 years in advance. For all of you who had planned Kedarkantha this winter, there is still hope. We are sure as soon as we announce its opening the batches are going to get full in no time. So, don’t waste any time wondering, register for Kedarkantha soon!

Brahmatal Trek

If it’s about frozen lakes then Brahmatal can never be missed. Spanning 6 days with just 22 km of hiking you can imagine the luxury of witnessing the pristine snow land for less effort. With peaks as high as 7000 metres waiting for you to take pictures, the Brahmatal trek definitely must not be missed this year. So, register now!

Dayara Bugyal Trek

NOTE- This video is documented in the monsoon season but in the winter season all the slopes and forest areas are covered with plenty of snow.

The all-rounder trek will soon be a winner of the “best trek” of every season. Imagine the lush meadows that touch the far-end mountains covered with white snow sparkling under the light of fluorescent sunrays. If you have been to Dayara in another season – winter is a must. Only to experience the thrill of being in the unknown of the known place. This kids and family-friendly trek is worth a try this winter after the longest home-alone experience. So, register for the Dayara winter ride now!

Sandakphu Trek

 Sandakphu Trek

The only flag bearer of West Bengal but that shows the highest peaks in the world. So what if you cannot trek to Everest in winter, watch its glory from the Sandakphu trek. In Corona where everybody is talking about noticing the Himalayas from their homes in Punjab and West Bengal, imagine the views of Sleeping Buddha (Kanchenjunga range) from a closer stand. Don’t miss out on the chance of standing face to face in front of the biggest Nepal and Indian Himalayas.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

NOTE- This video is documented in the monsoon season but in the winter season all the slopes and forest area are covered with plenty of snow.

Yet another all-rounder trek that is a great start for beginners in all seasons. Having a spiritual significance the trek is already a famous pilgrimage spot. The appealing Chaukhamba reflection in Deoria Tal lake is what attracts most hikers. Additionally, there is the adventure of trudging through hard snow up to the Chandrashila top. It is like the perfect tower to capture panoramas of distant pinnacles. Being closed for so long for the first time, the Chopta Chandrashila trek is fresh and intricate as a new blossom. Come and be the first one to watch Chopta trek grow into a flower.

Winter Kuari Pass Trek

Winter Kuari Pass Trek

The experience of walking to the apex is life-altering. Walking through glaciers, tiny frozen streams and knee-deep powdered snow, the trek means uniqueness. The kuari meadows are surely nerve-wracking but it challenges you more than anything. Those monotonous home-workout routines in the lockdown are asking for a payout. Kuari pass top is what the hard work deserves.

Chadar Frozen River Trek

Chadar Frozen River Trek

This trek needs no introduction. After frozen lakes, come the frozen river and waterfall. Amidst the news of Chadar being closed forever and the pandemic lockdown, Chadar comes with a fresh start. The freezing -30 degrees of Zanskar range is calling you out to come out of the enclosed walls of your house. It is now time to walk over the frozen Zanskar.

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Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
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