Back Trek Hacks: Lifting A Backpack Correctly

Trek Hacks: Lifting A Backpack Correctly

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While you may feel like swinging a backpack over your shoulder is no big thing, lifting the backpack in the wrong manner can put a lot of strain on your back and you might even injure yourself. Hand twists, sudden muscle pulls, injury to the spine, are not unheard of and happen only because the backpack was not lifted correctly. To avoid this from happening, you must lift the bag correctly. 

Usually, people tend to pick the bag up and directly swirl it on the back but this causes the backpack to swing and put a strain on your muscles. This is not the right method for lifting the backpack. Doing this once or twice may not cause a problem but when done frequently, there might be bad consequences. Therefore, lifting a backpack correctly is important for a trekker. These tips will guide you on how to lift your backpack appropriately.

There are two ways of lifting a backpack, you can choose one that seems more suitable for you.

Method 1:

This is how you can lift the backpack correctly on your own. Follow the steps to lift the bag.

– Stand behind your backpack and hold the straps in your hand. Place one of your legs closer to the backpack and keep your knees bent.

– Slide the bag up and place it on your leg, resting it on your thighs.

– Now slowly twist your torso so that you can slip your arm into the strap. Twist in the same direction as the leg on which the bag is resting.

– Now slowly stand up and let the backpack slide around your back so you can slip your other arm through the strap.

Method 2:

This method requires assistance. So if you have a friend accompanying you on the trip you can ask them to put the backpack on your back.

– Have your friend lift the bag from the front, so that you can slip the backpack on.

– Once on, adjust the straps properly, securing your backpack in place