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A Moderate Trek to Har ki Doon

Its a year end; I was planning to move out on some vacation. So I piled up time from my hectic schedule and put up my camera to glam up some exciting moments to adjoin them in my memory book. I turned round on some online sites which schedules adventurous simple trek for first time visitors. After some research I came across the name of Trek the Himalayas which is the best name in phase of Trekking field and I can say this because of my personal experience. I always wanted to visit Himalayan region as I am a flora lover. Then I got registered on trekking website of Trek the Himalaya and took off from office and started packing my bags for going on trek and for experiencing the greatest tenure of my life.

Har-ki-doon- trek

 Har Ki Doon Trek is the lovely execution valley of paradise. This modest trek basically comes in part of Garhwal Region. The valley is dotted with wild Himalayan flowers and the basin looks multihued during autumn season. This comes in region of Uttarkashi the state of Uttarakhand region and falls within the PashuVihar Park chance of seeing enormous range of wild animals. The trek is fully covered with dense and lushy pasturelands and coniferous forest. This is one of the most captivating and least visited areas of Garhwal Region. I captured the enthralling scenes of Jamundhar Glacier lakes and trekked through the lushing meadows of Swargarohini valley and tackled the steep climb to the Taluka region.

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I was overwhelmed by the innumerable shade of preety location. It looked as if the lakes were looking very exquisiteness and was swayed by their charisma and was completely alluring. Trekking in Uttarakhand   was the glorious moment which was very beguiling experience to have fun while trekking and enjoying the massive scenery view from close. The trail was elongated and engross long climb through a pine woodland area and I came across a bridge from there and can see high peaks surrounded by snow, tiny green grasses, while trekking I enjoyed the whole campaign and viewed gorgeous location of Uttarkhand location. Thanks to whole team of Trek the Himalayas who were very supportive and helpful in whole trail and guided me in every supportive manner. It was an exquisite experience which will be very memorable for me throughout life.

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