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A completer trek to Hampta Pass


Trekking should be packed in with fun, adventure and scope for lots of memorable moment for future. That has always been my attitude while opting for a place to trek. A trek will always be tiring. There is no doubt about it. So why not expect for rewards equivalent to our tiredness. Then of course, it will be worth trekking to that place. For me that one in all treks is Hampta Pass.


I had heard about this place in my friend circle. Everyone had a different, yet similar story to tell. I was pretty enamoured by their description and wanted to taste such an adventure myself. I wanted to feel the climax of the Hampta Pass trek. My desire turned into a resolution when I noticed that Hampta pass trek comes built in with doughty adventures, natural beauty, easy access, myriad of terrains and many more- the most said is even the least.


I prepared myself with all the necessities. The detailing of the Trek to Himalayas site proved to be very useful in the case. I was very much excited as the trek was to start from Manali. Hampta Pass is situated to south east of Manali.

I reached there on the planned date and joined my trekking team. Strange faces with a common destination, sharing the same excitement and pools of emotions erupting within.


Crossing the Prini village and facing right on the visage the hefty foothills of Himalayas standing in its majestic charm, was like wow. A reward, so soon, was kind of unexpected. Yet I, rather we all trekkers, accepted it with warmly open hearts. I was at Pir Panjal range and felt, deep inside, vey blessed.

With the increasing altitude my tiredness was also increasing but it used to soon fade away by the views of the hues of the myriad terrains- from dense greenery to the stony mountains. The pine forests were widespread bit I was especially spell bound by the awe-inspiring image of Mt. Deo Tibba and Mt. Indrasan along with their creamy cascading glaciers that spread over the barren surface of Lahaul and Spiti valley. The contrasting landscape of the two valleys, Kullu and Lahaul, took me by surprise. Kullu blushed in the greenery. On the other hand Lahaul stood stony.

Hampta Pass

The varieties of species of birds are found here. Seeing them even I felt like flying. One cannot keep oneself detached from the fun and pleasure when one is on such a magical trek to a fantasy land. I would always be grateful to my trekking guide to oblige us with a visit to the Chandratal- the moon lake in Spiti. Good heavens! It appeared so moony! All my tensions and dilemmas ebbed out with a mere view of it.

Hampta Pass Trek

Trekking in Manali that too in hampa pass feels like being in a snowy land. It is no less than Narnia.Himanchal Trekking

I was happily tired and the reason behind it was Hampta Pass. I was glad that I made a good use of my time, money as well as strength. Its always good to try something new; Hampta Pass trek is the best.