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8 Essential Tips for Women Exploring the Trails

Trekking as an adventure sport has gained quite a traction over the last decades and in recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the number of female trekkers, challenging and reshaping traditional perceptions of adventure and the outdoors. The increasing visibility of female role models in the outdoor adventure space has played a pivotal role in encouraging more women to take up trekking. From seasoned mountaineers to solo backpackers, many women have broken down stereotypes and demonstrated that the thrill of the great outdoors knows no gender boundaries.

As more women enthusiastically embrace the world of trekking and outdoor adventure, it becomes imperative to acknowledge and address the unique challenges and considerations they may encounter. The journey into the wilderness, while equally exhilarating for both genders, presents distinct hurdles for female trekkers, necessitating a thoughtful approach to ensure their safety, comfort, and overall positive experience.

Recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by female trekkers is a crucial step toward creating an inclusive and empowering outdoor adventure space for them. In this article, we have listed some expert tips to make the trekking experience more enjoyable, safe and convenient for female trekkers.

  1. Choose the right gears
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It is super important to invest in good-quality gear if you want your trekking experience to be a good one. While trekking in the Himalayas, sometimes you will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or challenging terrains so make sure you have the right gear that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with the adventure. Buy a sturdy pair of trekking shoes with good ankle support, and a good quality backpack and wear the right layers to protect yourself from different weather conditions and elements.

  1. Listen to your body
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When you are out trekking in the mountains, always listen to your body and walk at your pace. Do not try to match your pace with everyone, this will only hinder your natural flow and can affect your trekking experience. Your natural pace is the one that you can comfortably sustain for longer stretches without having to stop every now and then. At the right pace, your body is comfortable, your breath isn’t always catching and your muscles aren’t over-taxed.

  1. Keep a first-aid kit
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When you are trekking in the Himalayan wilderness, it is best to keep a first aid kit handy. Keep medicines for cough, cold and fever, ointments for cuts and scrapes, analgesics, medicine for AMS, cotton and gauze, and pressure bandages. These things can come in handy for minor injuries and sicknesses. Also, keep the first-aid kit in an accessible location that you can easily grab.

  1. Hygiene for female trekkers
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When on a trek, always carry menstrual hygiene items with you to be on the safer side. Trekking takes place in remote locales and regions so these items will not be accessible so it is better to keep all the necessary items with you in case of emergency. Also, while on a trek it’s best to carry reusable sanitary napkins or menstrual cups so that you do not leave any non-biodegradable items on the trail.

  1. Keep your nails short
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This is a pro tip which even though sounds a little strange, can be very helpful. Before you start trekking, make sure that your toenails and fingernails are cut short. Trekking involves long stretches of walking for a couple of hours every day and as such there is a consistent impact of your nail to the front of your shoes. This can cause your nails to break and can result in serious pain, affecting your overall trekking experience. The same can happen to your fingernails when you are climbing rocks or using your hand for support on uneven terrain.

  1. Let people know where you are going
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Before you go on your trek, it is good to share your trekking itinerary with your friends and family so that they are aware of where you will be and when. This is an important safety tip for all the women on the trail, especially if you are trekking solo. 

  1. Kip a safety kit
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Keeping a safety kit as a woman can be quite helpful even if there is no perceived danger or chances of danger on the trails. Your safety kit can have a bear spray in case you come in contact with a wild animal, a pepper spray and a whistle. If you are trekking in a group and seem to have wandered off, you can use the whistle to let others know that you are lost and your approximate location.

  1. Choose a reliable trekking company
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Last but not least, always choose a reliable trekking company Who have safety as their utmost priority and has strict safety protocols in place. Choose a trekking operator with credibility, experience and possess a thorough knowledge of the region and terrain. 

These tips will come in handy when you are planning your Himalayan adventure. We encourage all women to embrace the thrill of trekking and explore the vast wonders the great outdoors has to offer!