Back 7 days in Uttarakhand Himalayas: Embarking on the Roopkund Trek

7 days in Uttarakhand Himalayas: Embarking on the Roopkund Trek

We all dream of enjoying the striking and adventurous places in spare time with family friends and relatives. So I thought for enjoying the trekking where I can feel the fresh aroma and peaceful days between valleys and mountains. I often read about trekking on many online websites but was a bit afraid that on high peaks that how I will be able to manage the trek as it is hard to climb on high altitudes on steepy mountains. After searching on many websites, I found Trek the Himalayas, and through their website I opted for Roopkund Trek. This trek was the most excellent choice I made as it gave me a life time memorable experience and was so nice that I can’t stop myself about sharing my experience with you all.

Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Lake is one magnificent place where I saw a strange spectacle view of lake. This is also known as Skeleton Lake and globally renowned in whole world. I was very inquisitive to know about this place more as it was full of mystery. This area was covered by snow and lovely weather was fascinating as I was enjoying my first trek. I was experiencing the best chance to eyewitness the lovely scenery, pleasing atmosphere. The splendid beauty of this trek is very different to clarify in language. The pristine gleaming lake and attractive environment, royal vista has made a momentous impact in my mind.

Roopkund Trek

The eye-catching view in nighttime was very glorious and startling sight of plants meadowland was attracting my mind. The view of lovely place Valley makes a very attractive view and looks very implausible. Roopkund Trek was full of enthusiasm and adventurous. I also get pleasure to see the lovely sight of quite few mud slides and falls of the severe incline of the peak that encase this place. I clicked some awesome clicks of this enthralling trek to memorize all precious moments and adventure the great trek with Trek the Himalayas. So you can visit once and can enjoy the escapade on mountains, can view the sightsee of great valleys and can make your moment