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Trekking In India and The Himalayas

India is certainly one of the best destinations for trekking enthusiasts. The dense Himalayan ranges offer almost endless trekking options for adventure lovers. Valley of flowers, Stok Kangri, Roopkund, Har ki Dun, Hampta Pass, Brahamatal, TarsarMarsar trek are counted among the best options of trekking in India. Since it’s the monsoon season in India, many people may think that it’s not the right time for Himalayan treks. But there are plenty of options for hiking in India that you can consider during this season as well.

5 Best Indian Himalayas Treks During Monsoon

Indian Himalayans Monsoon treks are those which are best to hike doing July to September. Monsoon is the time when the greenery is at its peak and for all the nature lovers, it’s the best time to trek. Incase, you are planning for a monsoon trek but not able to decide the best monsoon treks in India then check out the below-mentioned monsoon trekking options:

Markha Valley Trek: This trek lies in the Ladhak region where rainfall is very minimal (approx. 50cm in a year). Till the time monsoon arrives, the winter snow also melts and the area turns into beautiful brown, purple, and pink. The entire trek through Markha valley is a treat to the eye. In this trek, one can view so many river crossings, rocky canyons, wildlife, mud houses, etc. If you have time then do explore this wonderful monsoon trek and don’t forget to spend one day in the beautiful tea houses of Markha valley.

Hampta Pass: If you are planning for trekking in India during monsoon season then you can’t afford to miss everyone’s favorite, Hampta Pass. This beautiful destination lies in Himachal Pradesh, around 14000 feet above sea level.  During the monsoon season in India, wind run in the direction of South to North but the huge Himalayas turn as a blockage to the winds. The clouds also hit the Himalayas and fall only on the southern part of the mountain. Hence, Hampta pass receives no rain as it lies in the Northern valleys of the Himalayas. You will find a stark contrast through the Hampta Pass trek as on the one side you will witness the wide green valley of Kullu consisting of beautiful flowers, forests, grassland whereas on the other side you will see a completely barren desert called Spiti valley. 

Valley Of Flowers: If you love the variety of flowers the valley of flowers must be on your top list to visit. The flowers are at their full bloom from July to September and hence you can witness the best flora variety of India. This trek lies in North Chamoli and Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Although this place does receive good rainfall but the wetness is all worth it as you can see the best of Indian flora and fauna during this time.

Tarsar Marsar: The natural beauty of Kashmir can’t be described in words; one can believe it only when they witness it. If you like to see variety through your Kashmir trek journey then the TarsarMarsar trek is the best for you. From beautiful snow-patched mountains to natural lakes to animals like sheep and horses, you can witness all the beauty in this trek.

Bhrigu Lake: During the monsoon season, this destination does receive a normal amount of rainfall but still you can consider this trek. This is a short trek of approx. 4 days, so adding up 2 days holiday to the weekend can give you a great weekend escape to the mountains. Bhrigu lake lies just above Manali and during June, mostly you will find the lake in a frozen state.

Demand For Trekking In India Is Rising During COVID

Covid has hit hard on people, so many of them have lost their close ones. Infact, normal life doesn’t seem normal anymore. In such a scenario, where the world seems like collapsing, one needs to focus a lot on their mental wellness. Hiking is the best way to keep the balance between mind and body and it also helps in healing from all the negativity that has been caused due to the pandemic.

With COVID, the demand for trekking has increased a lot as now most of the corporate sector is working from home. This allows people to work from their desired location and which location can be better than the mountains?? Corporate people no longer have hectic workdays as they don’t need to commute on a daily basis which saves a lot of their time. The same time now people invest in themselves by isolating themselves in the beauty of nature. Indian treks are also preferred more as mountains are free from this pandemic and offer complete peace and serenity to the trekkers.

So, if you haven’t yet had a chance to explore the craziness of hiking and trekking, it’s high time you explore options of trekking in India and set yourself free in the beauty of nature.