Back Summer treks never to miss: Treks that signify every aspect of life

Summer treks never to miss: Treks that signify every aspect of life


The Himalayas, the youngest mountain range formed on the Earth. Similar to the love showered to the youngest kid, this mountain range also is the most admired mountain range. With significance in mythology, religion, mountaineering and many lives, Himalayas has now become part of every person. Today, we are highlighting such treks that represent the importance of the Himalayas in every possible way.

The trails that honour Indian folklore, religion and mountaineering side. The trails that are unique and highlight the beauty of every natural element of the Himalayas. These treks signify every aspect of life. Along with a visual experienced the promise to oblige with emotional, spiritual connect also.

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

From the polluted rivers to the source of purity, Ganga, from roads to hiking trails and from tall skyscrapers to mightly Shivling. Gomukh Tapovan trek is a gateway from high-end city life to the religious, dirtbag life of the mountains blossomed with stunning spectacles and a journey of a lifetime. Of course, every trek means the same, but Gomukh Tapovan has a powerful touch of devotion. Right from the base village Gangotri to the Tapovan grounds, this trek reveals the high-spirited pilgrim adventurers.

The trail is nerve-wracking due to narrow ledge walk, rock falls from nowhere, huge boulders to challenge our every step. The greenery of Rhododendrons, tall trees, meadows vanishes and opens to barren grounds near Gomukh. The Gomukh is like a giant cow’s mouth. It is magical in a way how strategically the opening looks and Ganga flow out.

The journey ahead follows with even more mesmerizing views as Mount Shivling keeps peeping out. The desire to admire the beauty of Shivling standing right in its front drives to overcome the tough terrain and keep moving. And the perfect location to stand face to face to Shviling is the Tapovan. You will be camping on the Tapovan Grounds, the pure place where thousands attain peace. The climax scene of Shivling right in the front is the perfect dessert to the sweet-spicy meal!

Kedar Tal Trek

Kedar Tal Trek

Who thought an emerald coloured, tiny lake could be motivation for climbing mountains? Kedar tal is amongst the most amazing lakes in the world. It is like a tiny bud that is marvellously surrounded by astounding petal-like peaks. Those mountains not only feed in the pure water but show also massive reflections of themselves that magnify the beauty of the area.

The lake is again located in the source of purity, Gangotri range. However, the trek never shows Shivling peak but another most prominent peak of beauty, Thalaysagar. Apart from that peaks Manda, Bhagirathi, Gangotri, Bhrigupanth, Mt. Meru are also adding to the serenity.

The trail to the lake is not easy it is steep, narrow, rocky, scary at times. Therefore, the trek is considered of difficult grade. The trail also adds a thrill of walking on an extremely narrow path formed on a 60-degree rock face. Despite its difficulty, the trail never fails to treat the eyes with lush green meadows, gushing rivers, star-filled skies and the mountains. Along with that there numerous animals wandering around. Every sunset after reaching campsites in such a serene environment is dream come true. So, every pain is just worth it!

Bagini Glacier & Rishikund Trek

Bagini Glacier & Rishikund Trek

If we are talking about religious places of India, Haridwar cannot be forgotten. It too leads to many mindblowing treks. One of them being the Chang Bang Base Camp trek or the Bagini Glacier trek. This is again one of the underdog treks that got less appreciation to the experiences it can shower. The trek lies in the Nanda Devi National Park going through Dronagiri village and the parvat. Yes, the famous mountain of Ramayana.

The trail shows other major Parvats of Hathi and Ghora, wooden built houses, green fields, Hardeol and Trishulli peaks. The trek ends with glacier walk, crevasses and a few more heavenly peaks.

All these mighty trails are opened only in summers from March to June end when the perks of climbing on this trail are magnified. This makes these trek rare such that once missed, they can be attempted only after a year.

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