Back Why is world tour incomplete without a Himalaya trek ?

Why is world tour incomplete without a Himalaya trek ?


Himalayan treks are a must while you plan for your world tour. It gives you an opportunity to explore the highest mountain ranges of the world, from where you can almost touch the sky. The mighty Himalayas has over 20 highest mountain peaks of the world which includes the top 5 mountains Mt. Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse I and Makalu I.

Pin Parvati pass

The great Himalayan Trail has a range of more than 4500 kms trek starting from Nanga Parbat, in Pakistan to Namche Barma, Tibet passing through India Nepal and Bhutan. It is world’s longest trek trail which can be explored in over 160 days.

A list of treks: It provides a diversified variety of treks for every trekking enthusiast. In India,Trishul, Goechala, Roopkund and Nandadevi offer a challenging experience while a few other treks in the Greater Himalayas offer moderate and easy trekking opportunities.

Variety of terrains: Himalayas offers you a mélange of terrains: rugged terrain, plain plateau, steep and moderate slopes, lush green forests, snowy trails and more.

Picturesque views: Snow capped covered mountains, panoramic views of lush greenery, beautiful, expansive meadows, deep valleys, Himalayas has all that you wish to see.


  • Treks of Mt. Everest, Pin & Parvati, Karakoram Range are the toughest, high altitude treks and passes which are revered by trekkers from all over the world
  • At the base camp of Everest, which is the coldest trek of all, enthralling scenery of Everest and its surrounding peaks awaits every passionate trekker
  • Pin Parvati pass is the most untouched of all with its wild and not much known routes.
  • The challenge of Stok Kangri is accepted by a few and cherished by every single summiter.
Stok Kangri Trek 2022

Indian treks of Himalaya are also among the popular treks of the world. Zanskar Trek starts from Tibetan monasteries encompassed by pleasing spring villages moving towards Shingi la, then downward route to Zanskar, a frozen river.

An experiential time:
Himalayan trek provide you an ample variety to all kinds of adventures with spiritual, peaceful and an enchanting environment and your world tour would not be justified without exploring ‘The Crown of The World’, The Great Himalaya.