Back Best Family Treks in India – curated treks for families in the Himalayas!

Best Family Treks in India – curated treks for families in the Himalayas!


We always thrive to make our parents proud. Even the greatest achievement does not make us happy if it is not appreciated by our family. Our daily routine, career choices, personal desires keep us away from family, even though the underline goal is to fulfill their needs. Here’s a chance to live your adventure with your family. Stand on the summit with your family literally feeling on top of the world. Because the family always comes first!

family group photo - pindari glacier trek

We don’t choose our family but we can choose to stick with them in every situation. Be it hardships of the trek or happiness of being in the mountains. Now capture that perfect family portrait and witness that twinkle in their eyes by going on these amazing family treks.

Pindari Glacier

With a new addition of this trek this year, there is another option for family and beginner treks. Being the most popular in the past this trek is a forgotten jewel. Walking into the typical Kumauni culture through the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, the trek gradually rises higher to the summit. The trail is flourished with a variant panorama of green fields, lavish meadows, spewing riverbeds, vast snowfields, the array of waterfalls and closer glacier sights. The surprise element of the trek is blissful welcome by Babaji who lives right in front of the glacier.

pindari glacier trek

The trail has gradual ascends, as if it carved for kids, family, or beginners. Also, being not that famous now, one can find the peacefulness to spend quality time with loved ones. This is a perfect getaway for adventurous families who are looking for an outing in the mountains. Walk on these less crowded paths and capture the perfect family portrait with the vast Pindari glacier at the background.

Dayara Bugyal

Already being popular amongst kids and beginners, Dayara meadows deserves a visit with family too. Every day of the trek brings pleasant surprises only after gradual ascents. Right from the start of the trek the magnificent Shrikanth, Gangotri peaks are visible. The entire trail is well placed that each campsite is pitched next to lush meadows. These meadows never fail to impress you. In winters they wear the snowy coat and in Monsoon, Summer they are decored with vibrant flowers.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Base Camp

The summit of Dayara Bugyal is easily accessible that runs through huge grasslands. In winters these slopes serve for skiing and sliding. Rest of the seasons these endless inclines just dazzle with colourful blossoms. Capture the perfect picnic picture of family camping on green fields with Gangotri range at the backdrop.

Har Ki Doon

Another popular trek amongst beginners is also a retreat for kids and family outing. The entire trail is a wondrous hike through the Har Ki Doon valley. It is the same valley which was supposedly mentioned in the Mahabharata during the Pandavas pathway to heaven. The gushing Yamuna river is alongside throughout the trek. The astounding Swargarohini peak dominates the skies of this trek.

har ki doon trek in himalaya

The stunning snowfields in winter are also accessible in Summer. Hence the trail is quite famous in summer too. From the alpine meadows, coniferous trees, the trek showcases variant vegetation. It is a treasure for bird watchers too. Capture the perfect family portrait in this never-ending Har ki Doon valley that is believed to be a stairway to heaven.

Chopta Chandrashila Deoriatal

Commonly perceived as the religious hike to Tungnath temple (highest Linga of India), Chopta is more than that. Especially for families who believe in adventures as much as the faith in God. It is a trek that serves two purposes thrill and devotion. The trail has gradual ascent and is paved until the Tungnath Mandir. During summer the pathway to the shivlinga is lined with the illustrious rhododendrons. Notice that the colour of the rhododendrons fades as the height increases, such that they are bright white coloured after Chopta.

chopta chandrashila deoria tal trek - base camp view

The major attraction of this trek is the flawless reflection of Chaukhamba peak in the Deorital lake. This lake witnesses hundreds of admirers only to capture this serene landscape. The top Chandrashila shows a giant panorama of Gangotri range with prominent peaks like Thalaysagar, Gangotri sisters, Kedardome etc standing in front of you. In all, Chopta trek serves many frames for that perfect family.


Even if you cannot stand on the world top with your family, you can stand in front of the four highest peaks with your family. The world-famous Kanchenjunga range in the form of Sleeping Buddha is a must for every trekker. This view is so eminent that it was used in the old 100 rupees note. Along with Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, all of these 8000 meters peaks can be clearly seen.

sandakphu phalut trek

The trail shows a different kind of Himalayan culture similar to Nepalese lifestyle. The route is loaded with rhododendrons and mixed form of coniferous trees. The entire trail that zigzags along Singalila ridge, surprisingly, moves back and forth along the Indo-Nepalese border. Being the only trek of West Bengal, it also allows travelling in Darjeeling. Thus, making a full package of a tour and trek. So, make the most of this fun-filled trek and capture the perfect family portrait with the Everest in the backdrop.

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer